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CMSOE History

Carter and Moyers School of Education History

Dr. G. L. Carter, Jr., was a graduate of the University of Tennessee and University of Wisconsin, but his passion for education and his Claiborne County roots led him to Lincoln Memorial University. Dr. Carter has been a catalyst for phenomenal growth in the field of education, as has many of his family members. Whether serving as a professor at North Carolina State University and the University of Wisconsin, or amid his myriad research and professional experiences at home and abroad, Dr. Carter exemplified outstanding qualities of leadership and contributions to humanity.

 In 1998, LMU named its School of Education the Carter and Moyers School of Education for Dr. Carter, Prentice and Anna Moyers (Anna is Dr. Carter's sister) and Dr. Charles Moyers and his wife Frankie (Dr. Moyers, a veterinarian, is the son of Prentice and Anna Moyers). Anna Moyers was a third-grade teacher in Hamblen County and their daughter Sandra Moyers Altizer was a seventh-grade teacher at Morristown-Hamblen County School, so the family has had a sincere commitment to growth in the field of education. 

For many years, LMU hosted the Carter and Moyers School of Education Heritage Series supported by Dr. Carter and was held annually for middle and high school history, government, and civics teachers. The title of the series was Upholding the Constitution in Contemporary Culture and Values. Dr. Carter's legacy of service indicates the lasting effect of solid education in the lives of others. 

The Carter and Moyers School of Education is a nationally accredited program through CAEP and CACREP. The school has produced teachers, administrators, curriculum leaders, and school counselors throughout East Tennessee and the tri-state area, working towards providing a quality educational experience for children.