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Veterinary Animal Science

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Holly Evans | 423.869.7417 | [email protected]


Thank you for your interest in the degree programs offered by the VHS&T Department.  As a department, our goal is to educate veterinary medical technology students and veterinary health science students together in an effort to establish a mind-set of collaborative learning.  A cohesive veterinary health care team is essential for providing the highest standard of animal care.  Veterinary professionals also make positive contributions to their community by promoting animal welfare, fostering the human animal bond, and providing client education.


Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Animal Science (VAS)

           The BS in VAS is designed to prepare graduates to apply to graduate programs, as well as to gain employment in related field, including livestock management, animal nutrition, or animal education, in addition to applying to graduate school in the fields of reproductive physiology, agriculture, or animal law.

Veterinary Animal Science Curriculum Plan.

Example of a veterinary animal science student schedule.


This degree does not contain prerequisite coursework necessary to apply to veterinary school