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Exercise and Rehabilitation Science

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Are you interested in the physiological, biomechanical, and psychological effects of exercise on the human body? Perhaps you are a student-athlete with a passion for physical activity, or maybe you've had an injury and have been through life-changing exercise therapy or rehabilitation yourself and now want to explore what it's like from the other side. Lincoln Memorial University's Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Rehabilitation Science (ERS) is ideally suited for students just like you who are interested in careers related to physical therapy.


If you're planning to become a physical therapist or work in a physical therapy clinic, a bachelor's degree in exercise science is the perfect first step. In fact, our Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Rehabilitation Science will set you directly on the path to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at LMU.


If you're not sure about proceeding onward to an advanced degree, that's okay! The standard bachelor's degree program will prepare you for administrative and assistance-based roles within the physical therapy industry and can also lead to pathways into coaching, strength and conditioning, and more.


Browse the concentrations and pathways to physical therapy programs below to learn more about the requirements and prerequisites. Or, review the Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Rehabilitation Science four-year curriculum (PDF), check out the full course catalog or get started on your application.


Degree Offered



The BS in Exercise and Rehabilitation Science (ERS) is designed for students interested in Physical Therapy. The ERS degree aligns with the LMU DPT program prerequisites and admission requirements. Students enrolled in the ERS major also includes the concentration in sport therapy..



Four Year Plan

Exercise and Rehabilitation Science - Four Year Plan.

Example of a Exercise and Rehabilitation Science Student Schedule.


The Exercise and Rehabilitation Science major offers 2 pathways to Physical Therapy. 



Guaranteed Professional Admission (GPA) Program

The LMU Guaranteed Professional Admission (GPA Program) is a unique program of Lincoln Memorial University that allows high-achieving, highly motivated high school seniors to earn guaranteed acceptance into one of our professional degree pathways upon successful completion of their Undergraduate degree at LMU. Each professional program has slightly different benchmarks and requirements along the way but is committed to offering successful GPA program participants a head start on their professional education.


For more information on the GPA program, please visit the GPA page for more information.

The exercise and rehabilitation science degree offer incoming freshmen that meet the academic qualifications direct entry to LMU Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. The academic qualifications are outlined below. 

  1. High school graduate with a science and math grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale.  
  2. Minimum math (21) and reading (23) ACT score or minimum SAT score of 1100 
  3. Three (3) years of science including Chemistry and Biology; One year of physics is strongly recommended  
  4. Three (3) years of college prep math (algebra, geometry, advanced algebra and/or trigonometry)  
  5. Interview with faculty/staff involved with GPA Program (Physical Therapy)

Prior to progression to the professional DPT phase:

  1. Students will be required to answer a physical therapy-focused writing prompt/personal statement   
  2. Two (2) character references from (choose 2 of the following):
    1. Guidance counselor/ humanities teacher  
    2. Science Teacher  
    3. Coach 
    4. Employer 

Freshmen admitted as BS/DPT students will be granted conditional acceptance into the Professional phase of the DPT program upon satisfactory completion of the above requirements in addition to the degree requirements. Full acceptance into the Professional Phase of the DPT program will be granted pending satisfactory completion of the Criteria for Progression to the Professional DPT Program



 If you are interested in this path, please complete the online application below.

 Guaranteed Professional Admission (GPA) Program Supplemental Application



This pathway is appropriate for:

- Any students interested in GPA Program who did not meet the entry criteria at the time of initial application & acceptance to LMU.

- Current LMU students who wish to change their major to Exercise and Rehabilitation Science;

- Transfer students from other institutions into the Exercise and Rehabilitation Science major

Students who wish to pursue this pathway, must meet the following criteria for admission:

  1. Students must complete 60 observation/shadowing hours prior to entering the Professional phase of the program
    1. 20 hours - inpatient hospital or sub-acute setting  
    2. 20 hours - outpatient orthopedic setting  
    3.  20 hours - students’ choice of setting/experience  
  2. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.8 in all LMU courses at the point of application with a minimum 3.0 GPA in prerequisite courses.
  3. Students may be required to take the ACT residual offered through College of Education (i.e. transfer students, students with earned associate degrees).
  4. Interview with DPT faculty
  5. Two (2) character references from:
    1. Physical Therapist who can attest to professionalism  
    2. Academic professor or Academic Advisor


Clubs & Organizations

The Sport and Exercise Science Majors Club offers students multiple ways to develop both socially and professionally with their field of study. Students are encouraged to attend state and regional conferences with instructors, where they can attend lectures, present research, and participate in competitions.