Veterinary Health Science

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Degree Options

Associate of Science in Veterinary Health Science

The AS in VHS is designed especially for the student that wishes to pursue application to an AVMA accredited veterinary college. After completion of the AS degree, a student will have fulfilled major requirements for application to veterinary college. This program offers students limited veterinary experience and education using lectures and labs with animal models and cadavers.

Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Health Science

The BS in VHS is designed to prepare graduates to apply to veterinary colleges as well as to gain employment in pharmaceutical sales, animal health management, government agencies, national organization, and education, in addition to applying to graduate school in fields of animal science, public health or other biological sciences. The BS degree offers students greater opportunities for hands-on learning experiences with live animals.


Guaranteed Professional Admission (GPA)


The LMU Guaranteed Professional Admission (GPA Program) is a unique program of Lincoln Memorial University that allows high-achieving, highly motivated high school seniors to earn guaranteed acceptance into one of our professional degree pathways upon successful completion of their Undergraduate degree at LMU. Each professional program has slightly different benchmarks and requirements along the way but is committed to offering successful GPA program participants a head start on their professional education. The requirements for the veterinary medicine pathway are outlined below.


Veterinary Medicine Pathway Requirements

GPA program

Application Requirements (to be completed prior to beginning undergraduate coursework):

  • Submit LMU online undergraduate application. Recommended program: Veterinary Health Science (BS),
  • Submit LMU undergraduate admissions requirements (Math ACT ≥ 24, Reading ACT ≥ 24, or analogous SAT scores, high school GPA ≥ 3.5)
  • Submit GPA Program Application (including reference letters)

Undergraduate Benchmarks/Requirements (to be completed during undergraduate study):

  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.35 or higher (3.35 in science & major courses)
  • Achieve 66th percentile on CASPer (or higher)
  • Complete 400 hours (or more) in veterinary experience or animal research
  • Submit essays as required by the CVM
  • Complete the Veterinary Medical College Application System (VMCAS) application for the admissions cycle that is applicable to the students' desired start date in the veterinary program


If you would like more information on the GPA program at LMU, please check out the webpage below.

LMU Guaranteed Professional Admission (GPA)


If you are interested in the GPA program, please complete the GPA program application to get started.