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Railsplitter 101

College is new and exciting and it can be overwhelming to figure out everything you need to know in your first year. The First Year Experience Program is here to walk alongside you as you navigate this new world! Campus resources serve as valuable tools to help you be successful. Be sure to take advantage of opportunities to make the most of your college experience.

Lincoln's Lounge

You will attend your first Lincoln's Lounge at Welcome Weekend. Lincoln's Lounges are social events that occur on Thursday nights throughout the year. These events serve as a well-deserved break from the week and can be a great way to kick start your weekend. The topic and activities are different each time and therefore you will want to be the first to arrive to see what is in store!


Rising Star Program

Rising Stars are new students identified by faculty, staff and student leaders who have demonstrated leadership qualities. If you are nominated as a Rising Star, you are invited to a Rising Star dinner where you will enjoy an evening with faculty, staff, and students to gain a better insight about the leadership opportunities available at LMU!

Rising Star