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Doss Artwork Focuses on Anxiety

Harrogate, Tennessee, November 30, 2017— Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) senior Alexis Doss is using her artistic talents to bring attention to the challenges of coping with depression and anxiety. 

Her senior capstone collection was recently on display at LMU’s Paul V. Hamilton Center for the Arts in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. Doss calls the collection of oil on canvas paintings her “wall of faces.” It depicts different stages of emotion through facial expressions during an anxiety attack. Each painting is a single color and symbolizes contradictory emotions. Yellow, for example, can indicate joy as well as danger. 

“I hope people look at more than just the paintings, but the meaning and emotion as well,” Doss said. “I tried to capture the many emotions one has when experiencing anxiety. Essentially, I want people to walk through my mind for just a glimpse of what I experience.”

Doss, who personally deals with depression and anxiety, says painting is therapeutic. She is learning to cope with irrational and distressing thoughts by recognizing an anxiety attack until it passes. 

“This was my first full collection and it has helped me get through my last year of college,” Doss said. “Painting the emotions gets it off my chest and onto the canvas.” 

In her exhibit she featured a famous quote from Cesar A. Cruz: “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”  Some who view her paintings may feel uneasy, she said, but those who can relate will experience a reassuring connection.

“I have wanted to be an artist since I was a kid. When I got to college I took my first art class and I knew these are the people I wanted to be around,” Doss said. “The feeling of being in a studio eases my stress." 

Doss, a Clinton, Tennessee native, is set to graduate during the December 9, 2017, commencement exercises at LMU with a double major in art and psychology.  She is looking forward to a career using her creative talents: “I just want to make art and be inspired by other artists.” 

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