LMU Arts in the Gap Hosting "Static Dynamic" Exhibit


Harrogate, Tennessee, September 18, 2019— Lincoln Memorial University's (LMU) Paul V. Hamilton Center for the Arts in Cumberland Gap is hosting an exhibition “Dynamic Static.” The artist, Kayla Rumpp, of Knoxville, Tennessee, graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2D Studio Art in 2016, and a Master of Science in Art Education in 2017. The exhibit is open and free to the public through October 11.


Rumpp’s work is inspired by the relationship between painting and sculpture, and forged from an interest in childlike materials and sensibilities. The fascination with childlike components comes from a desire to transform a material with a specific purpose. As an elementary art educator, Rumpp is constantly surrounded by such materials and witnesses the intuitive ways children manipulate them in the classroom. Inspired by this notion, she uses similar materials to manifest work that nods to the original shape of the object while creating a new context for it within a contemporary landscape.


The interactions between color, form, material, and light are integral to the work. The structure of the piece informs color based on existing shadows. Rumpp often utilizes gradients to emphasize the idea that shadows and highlights contribute to the color scheme, as if it all existed within a two-dimensional plane.


“I am drawn to wood as a material because of the stability, pliability, texture, and absorbency. Fibrous materials also make an appearance in some of the works as a contrast to the smooth and rigid component of the wood,” Rumpps said. “The plush material also serves as a way to add dimension and more complex shadows to the work, and gives the viewer an impulse to touch.”


The LMU Center for the Arts is in the historic town of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. The Gallery at the LMU Arts Center strives to bring cutting edge contemporary art from local and regional artists to the LMU community and to foster conversation about the place of visual arts and how they impact the diverse community of Appalachia in the 21st Century. The LMU Center for the Arts is located at 703 Brooklyn St. in Cumberland Gap and is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


For further questions or comments about the exhibition or the gallery, please contact the gallery director, Michael Giles, at [email protected]


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