Cumberland Mountain Research Center Publishes Digital Journal


The Cumberland Mountain Research Center (CMRC) has released the inaugural issue of the research journal, the Cumberland Mountain Naturalist, which will showcase scholarly research at Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) and feature articles related to ecology, conservation, taxonomy, organismal biology and other topics.


The CMRC coordinates and pursues funding for many of the LMU research efforts of faculty, students and staff. 


The first issue of the Cumberland Mountain Naturalist commemorates the contributions of Dr. John Copeland, professor emeritus, to the development of the LMU Wildlife Biology program.  During Copeland’s 40 years of service to LMU, he played a crucial role in the creation of CMRC. Since its creation in 1990, the CMRC has been essential in providing leadership, mentoring and resources to facilitate wildlife, conservation, ecological, and environmental research and educational activities. These efforts continue as our Conservation Biology program grows.


“For a number of years, Dr Copeland has been working on describing the freshwater sponges found in our region of Appalachia,” said Dr. LaRoy Brandt, associate professor of conservation biology and CMRC director. “We are proud to publish his ‘Checklist of the Freshwater Sponges (Porifera: Spongillida) of Tennessee’ in which he has described a new species of sponge which he and his collaborators have identified.”


Readers can expect to find future articles highlighting the research interests of LMU faculty, staff and students, as well as the occasional guest author.  Upcoming issues will include work on the mussel species found in the Powell River, the importance of nematodes, and how to go “herping” in Appalachia.


“I am excited for the world to discover the Cumberland Mountain Naturalist,” said Dr. Adam Rollins, dean of the School of Mathematics and Sciences. “This publication demonstrates the exceptional research conducted by faculty and students at LMU’s Cumberland Mountain Research Center. I think some readers will be amazed as they realize the range of scholarly activities facilitated by the CMRC.”


Issues will be available quarterly through the Digital Commons hosting platform for academic institutions and will focus on a single topic presented in a format intended for a general audience. The first issue is now online at the following link


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