Anthony Holowka Selected to Receive $5,000 Scholarship from Merck Animal Health

Anthony Holowka

Anthony Holowka, a third-year veterinary medicine student at Lincoln Memorial University-College of Veterinary Medicine (LMU-CVM) is one of 10 students from across the nation chosen for the Merck Animal Health Veterinary Student Scholarship for $5,000. The scholarship was awarded March 1 at the 52nd Annual American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV) Meeting.


“It’s truly a blessing to be given such an award, and I appreciate the opportunity to be involved in the swine veterinarian community,” Holowka said. “This award will help me, specifically, pay off all of my expenses for my clinical year rotations.”


Merck Animal Health partnered with the AASV Foundation to sponsor the 2021 scholarship recipients and support the swine industry's next generation of veterinarians. The scholarship program was created to help veterinary students address the financial challenges related to the tuition and fees involved in veterinary education.


“Anthony’s passion for swine health is reflected in all that he does as a veterinary medicine student at LMU. He is undoubtedly a future leader in veterinary medicine, and I can’t think of an individual who would be more deserving of this award,” said LMU-CVM Dean Stacy Anderson.


Holowka can remember wanting to become a veterinarian since he was a child. From saving baby rabbits to his 4-H membership with livestock, he has always had an interest in the well-being of animals.


“My first experience with pigs wasn’t until my senior year in college when I took a capstone course that emphasized swine health,” Holowka said.


After graduating from college, Holowka took an internship at New Bolton Center, a swine teaching and research center at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. In the summer of 2020, Holowka completed a Swine Veterinary Internship Program (SVIP) at Iowa State University.


“This past summer at Suidae Health and Production with the SVIP program was truly amazing, and I really got a better grasp on what it is to be a swine veterinarian at a large practice,” Holowka said.


Holowka has been a member of AASV for two years, and currently helps other students at LMU-CVM to get swine experience. As president of the LMU-CVM Food Animal Club, Holowka has arranged to have a small herd of pigs off-campus for wet lab experiences for club members.


“My passion is swine medicine. I am unsure about the exact avenue of this medicine I will take, but I know I want to work with pigs. In my time with pigs, I have noticed I find them very endearing animals and I would love to help provide them with a better life through technological advances and preventative medicine,” said Holowka. “I also enjoy working with the farmers and seeing them succeed because they love their animals and the business of this industry.”


One of his favorite things about his experience at LMU-CVM has been the relationship and mentoring he receives from faculty and staff.


“It’s 100% the professors and staff,” Holowka said. “I never thought I would have such a good relationship with not only the veterinary faculty, but also the administration and staff! My relationships with the professors have only grown since my first year. Our professors really do provide the mentorship that I truly need!”


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