Dean Anderson Appointed President of Consortium on Workplace-Based Education and Learning

Consortium on Workplace-Based Education and Learning

The Consortium on Workplace-Based Education and Learning (COWBEL) has appointed Dr. Stacy Anderson, dean of the Lincoln Memorial University-College of Veterinary Medicine (LMU-CVM), as the first president. COWBEL is an international working group founded to provide value to the veterinary ecosystem by training veterinary students through distributive/community-based learning models, and to increase the understanding and knowledge of distributive learning models in veterinary medicine. Dr. John Weale, former associate dean of Clinical Relations and Outreach and current strategic advisor to the dean at LMU-CVM serves as COWBEL’s executive director.


“Our vision is that COWBEL will be the uniting organization among veterinary programs offering off-campus rotations during the clinical year to allow for the creation and sharing of best practices to meet the needs and requirements of society, the profession and accreditors,” said Anderson.


Many veterinary programs utilize in whole or in part a distributive learning model for student clinical experiences that depends on private practitioners and non-university personnel to reinforce and help teach students a variety of clinical and professional skills.


“The distributive learning model provides students with authentic, real-world clinical experiences,” said Anderson. “Students have the opportunity to see realities and expectations of working in established, high quality clinical practices and gain an understanding of the constraints on resources and challenges of working with clients, staff and other veterinary professionals.”


Ten veterinary colleges that utilize the distributive model and several industry stakeholders make up the membership of COWBEL. This group currently partners with over 1,000 global private practices, corporate groups and other quality learning sites in which senior veterinary students from all over the world complete their clinical year studies and experiences in both private and public institutions. Veterinary programs using distributive community-based educational learning are successfully graduating well-prepared veterinarians who are confident and competent in meeting the needs of their communities.


LMU-CVM partners with the University of Kentucky's Gluck Equine Research Center and Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, the SPCA of Erie County in Buffalo, New York, and multiple veterinary institutions throughout the region and nation.


Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) is a values-based learning community dedicated to providing educational experiences in the liberal arts and professional studies. The LMU-College of Veterinary Medicine is located on LMU’s main campus in Harrogate, Tennessee, with additional academic facilities in nearby Lee County, Virginia. LMU-CVM is an integral part of the University’s medical programs and provides real-world, community-based education in a collaborative learning environment. For more information about LMU-CVM, call 1.800.325.0900, ext. 7150 or visit us online at

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