Dr. Christopher Kelly Recognized for Completing AAVMC Leadership Academy

Dr. Christopher Kelly

Christopher Kelly, DVM NRP, medical director of the DeBusk Veterinary Teaching Center and associate professor of veterinary medicine at Lincoln Memorial University-College of Veterinary Medicine (LMU-CVM), has completed the 2019-2020 American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) Leadership Academy. Kelly was nominated by the dean and the dean’s executive council to represent LMU-CVM in the national program.


The Leadership Academy provides a platform and resources for veterinary educators and administrators to develop skills aimed at the many unique challenges regarding leadership in today’s teaching institutions. The program consists of three sessions each lasting three days throughout the academic year. The meetings were held in Indianapolis, Indiana; College Station, Texas and Washington, DC. Each session covered a variety of topics through seminars, workshops and activities that addressed leadership in both the veterinary profession and academic veterinary medicine, and were led by experts in veterinary medicine, academia, business, media and the military.


“Part of the experience was forming a smaller working peer group in order to accomplish projects and exercises,” Kelly said. “That peer group is still active today and we continue to support each other through sharing of ideas and discussion.”


The final session was held in Washington, DC where participants had the opportunity to learn about what must occur in legislation and governmental actions in order to promote bills that impact the veterinary profession, and culminating in AAVMC Advocacy Day.


Dr. Christopher Kelly“We, alongside our respective universities’ deans, met with the offices of U.S. House of Representatives from three of the Tennessee Congressional Districts as well as the offices of both of the U.S. Senators from Tennessee,” Kelly said. “Our goal was to provide supporting information for several pieces of legislation that supported veterinary medicine and the One Health initiative.”


Kelly now uses many of the principles and lessons learned in the academy daily such as checking in with co-workers and seeking to understand the impact of empathy.


“It has helped me understand the difficulties that can be part of leadership, and given me tools to help address them,” said Kelly. “I learned to be more present in my duties and ultimately in supporting those that I work with here at LMU.”


“In leadership, communication serves everyone; and as such we must be its stewards. Perspective is often what limits a leader from reaching an understanding. Being able to step out of your own perspective as much as possible can lead to greater clarity,” Kelly said. “The AAVMC’s Leadership Academy creates trained and dynamic leaders, some at the start of their careers and others well established, that promote the veterinary profession now and in the future.”


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