LMU-DCOM Celebrates TOMA Winners

TOMA winners posing with poster

Lincoln Memorial University-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine (LMU-DCOM) students and faculty took part in the Tennessee Osteopathic Medical Association’s (TOMA) 126th Annual Convention held in Franklin, Tennessee, May 3-5.

In the TOMA 2024 Poster Presentations, LMU-DCOM was represented by 16 posters created by 31 student authors, guided by six faculty mentors. 

TOMA 2024 Poster Presentation Winners included:

1st Place: Alex Dailey, OMS III (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Douglas)

2nd Place: Kaitlin Sons, OPP Scholar (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anne Marie Zeller)

3rd Place: Nicole Neiman, OPP Scholar (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anne Marie Zeller)

LMU-DCOM alumni presenters: Tyler McCurry, DO (Class of 2013) and Hannah Stewart, DO (Class of 2017). LMU-DCOM faculty/staff presenters were: Michael Wieting, DO (Senior Past President), Cassi Jones, DO, Beverly Hamilton, PhD, Lisa Shelburne, MBA

LMU- DCOM-affiliated TOMA Board Members include:

Jeffrey Chesnut, DO (DCOM faculty)

Tyler McCurry, DO (DCOM alumni)

Jan Zieren, DO (DCOM faculty)


Our student representatives at the convention were Chloe Rivers from DCOM Knoxville and James Perry from DCOM Harrogate.

TOMA 2024 Student Poster Presentations:

  • Corell, J., Dailey, A., and Douglas, E. "Perceived Risk of Developing Certain Cancers in People Who Smoke in Eastern Kentucky." - 1st place poster award
  • Sons, K., and Zeller, A.M. “An Osteopathic Approach to COVID Patients.” - 2nd place poster award
  • Neiman, N., Joksas, J., Sickel, E., and Zeller, A.M. “Health Professional Students Receiving Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment: An Interdisciplinary and Interprofessional Activity to Improve Attitudes Towards Osteopathy and Interprofessional Collaboration.” - 3rd place poster award
  • Cheney, C., Kowalczyk, S., and Cziep, M. “A Cortisol-Secreting Adrenal Adenoma.”
  • Kowalczyk, S., Cheney, C., and Lewis, J. “Kommerell Diverticulum with Aberrant Left Subclavian Artery and Right Aortic Arch: A Case Report.”
  • Browning, A., and Miller, L. “Comparison of Continuous Blood Glucose Measurements in Nurses Working Either 12-hour Day or Night Shifts.”
  • Nguyen, C., and Schutter, D. "Adaptability in the Midsts of Anatomical Challenge: A Case Report on Situs Inversus Totalis in a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy."
  • Ro, J., and Wotjasik, L. “Surgical Management of Colorenal Fistula Formation Following Percutaneous Cryoablation of Renal Mass.”
  • Rosner, J., Mahavadi, S., Naik, S., Kemp, S., Thakran, E., and Mondal, D. “Antiproliferative Effects of Dutasteride and Bardocolone-Methyl (CDDO-me) Combination in Prostate Cancer Cells."
  • Still, C., Aljameey, U., Marie, B., Black, C., Dane, J., Allsage, T., and Kolatorowicz, A. "Variation in the Great Posterior Radiculomedullary Artery: Relation to the Artery of Adamkiewicz and Importance in Spinal Procedures."
  • Thomas, R., and Wang, J. “"Combination of anti-LAG-3 and anti-PD1 is likely to enhance the clinical response in patients with melanoma.”
  • Brady, H., and Wang, J. “Clinical Outcomes of Crizotinib in ALK+ Non-small Cell Lung Cancer with Brain Metastasis: A Meta-Analysis.”
  • Garner, A., Agaja, O., Adams, C., and Kolatorowicz, A. “Activity Related Knee Osteoarthritis is a Predictor of Ankle Osteoarthritis.”
  • Park, A., Harrell, J., Williamson, T., and Cannada, L.K. “A Scoping Review on Thigh Compartment Syndrome.”
  • Phemister, A.M., and Weiman, D. “Eloesser Flap: Procedure on Recurrent Empyema and Paraneumonic Pleural Effusion.”
  • Willeford, M. “Nostalgia Paresthetica is not a Neurologic Disorder.”



The DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine is located on the campus of Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tennessee, and at LMU-Knoxville in Knoxville, Tennessee. LMU-DCOM is an integral part of LMU’s values-based learning community and is dedicated to preparing the next generation of osteopathic physicians to provide health care in the often-underserved region of Appalachia and beyond. For more information about LMU-DCOM, call 1.800.325.0900, ext. 7082, email dcom@LMUnet.edu, or visit us online at http://med.LMUnet.edu.


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