JFWA Partnering with Kanto International High School

World School diploma covers

J. Frank White Academy (JFWA) and Kanto International Senior High School have forged a partnership focusing on high school exchange programs and the establishment of a Virtual International Forum. 

"This partnership exemplifies our commitment to fostering global citizenship and providing transformative educational experiences,” said Dr. Jody Goins, LMU executive vice president for Administration. “By facilitating international exchange and virtual collaboration, we aim to broaden horizons and build bridges across cultures." 

The High School Exchange Program will encourage prospective Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) students from Japan to complete their high school education and graduate from Kanto International Senior High School. Participating students will engage in JFWA high school courses, meeting graduation requirements seamlessly while preparing for their transition to LMU. 

International students from Kanto embarking on a long-term exchange will integrate into the LMU community, supported by English-speaking host families associated with LMU and/or JFWA. This holistic approach offers academic enrichment and immersion in extracurricular activities, fostering cultural understanding and lifelong connections. Likewise, JFWA students can partake in long-term exchanges at Kanto International Senior High School. 

The JFWA connection to Kanto began with the creation of World School in 1997 by Masaki Matsudaira, a former chairman and current adviser to Kanto, located in Tokyo, Japan. For about one week each fall, World School brings together high school students and teachers from all areas of the world. LMU and JFWA hosted World School in 2002 and 2012 and send delegations each year. Participating countries include Australia, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Macau, New Zealand, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom and Vietnam. 

In a new initiative, JFWA and Kanto International Senior High School are working together to create a Virtual International Forum to connect with other World School member schools. This platform will facilitate cultural exchange and collaboration, with each member school showcasing virtual educational content representing their culture, language, and high school experience during a two-week period. 

The Virtual International Forum aims to dismantle geographical barriers and promote cross-cultural understanding among students. It provides a global learning environment transcending physical borders, fostering transformative educational experiences and cross-cultural dialogue. 

The J. Frank White Academy is a private, college preparatory day school serving grades Pre-K through 12 on the campus of Lincoln Memorial University. JFWA is fully accredited and STEM certified by Cognia, which is the first internationally recognized mark of quality for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) schools and programs, signaling the growing emphasis on STEM education by educators, politicians, and business leaders around the world. For more information contact JFWA at 423.869.6234 or visit our website at JFWA.LMUnet.edu.

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