DMS Associate Professor Michael Burger Publishes Second Book

Professor Michael Burger

Lincoln Memorial University School of Medical Sciences (LMU-SMS) Associate Professor Michael Burger, EdD, has published a new book, “Changing Perspective from Morality to Faith: An Examination of Morality, Mitzvah, and Christianity.”


This is the second book he has published of the five he has written. Volume 2 of the Changing Perspectives Series focuses on why schools operate the way they do and what educators can do to decrease their students; ‘need’ to be moral, increase their faith in God, and develop the confidence they need to fulfil God’s commandments. The other two books should be published within the year.


Christian educators, whether in school, church settings, or at home, will benefit from Burger’s insightful, innovative exploration of current concepts of morals, mitzvah, and Christianity in context of what he has learned during his half-century as an educator. His book introduces an uncommon (but not new) perspective of God’s commandments. With that as a background, he challenges Christian adults to develop and manifest faith in God's word and promises while living in a ‘broken’ culture. With that perspective, they can help their children relate better to faith than to cultural morals.


“I wrote this book for Christian educators, parents, and pastors who hunger for a closer relationship with God for themselves and for their children and students,” Burger said.


Burger joined LMU in 2011 and serves as a faculty member for the Doctor of Medical Science Program. He began his career as a professional educator in January 1970 in Nebraska. He completed his masters and doctoral degrees in Educational Administration and Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Nebraska.


His career includes teaching doctoral-level students in the College of Education and directing the Learning Technology Center (LTC) at Texas A&M University. During his tenure with the LTC, he led the development of a comprehensive instructional information management system based on the premise that teachers are the key (and most important) determiners of instructional quality in school systems and should have powerful tools to help them be accountable, provide high-quality instruction to each student, and continually discover ways to optimize learning and improve instructional environments. At one time, administrators in over 300 school districts in the US and a few in Canada, Britain, and Australia had acquired the system. In addition to teaching, he spent over 20 years in the private sector working with teachers and administrators at all levels in large and small school districts and gaining extensive experience and insights on why so many students do not master the skills and knowledge they need to achieve their goals.


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