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JFWA Announces Spring 2019 Honor Roll

Harrogate, Tennessee, June 28, 2019—Principal Bobby Lockhart has announced the honor roll for the fourth nine weeks for grades four through 12 at the J. Frank White Academy (JFWA) on the campus of Lincoln Memorial University (LMU).


Students receiving high honors (all As) include:

- fourth-grader Talmadge Blair (Holmes Mill, Kentucky), Rachel Fannon (Tazewell, Tennessee) and Josiah Levi Williamson (Harrogate, Tennessee);

- fifth-graders Weston Ball (Rose Hill, Virginia), Meredith Grace Blair (Holmes Mill, Kentucky), Keli Collins (Middlesboro, Kentucky), Gavin Galloway (Pennington Gap, Virginia), Eren Gromley (Tazewell, Tennessee), Elijah Johnson (Tazewell, Tennessee) and Samuel Wright (Tazewell, Tennessee);

- sixth-grader Ellie Lintelman-Nader (Harrogate, Tennessee);

- seventh-graders Grayson DeBusk (Tazewell, Tennessee) and Anna Evans (New Tazewell, Tennessee);

- eighth-graders Lexi Brock (Harrogate, Tennessee), Amanda Kotlar (Harrogate, Tennessee) and Steven Lintelman-Nader (Harrogate, Tennessee);

- ninth-graders Elizabeth Cooper (Harrogate, Tennessee), Eli Melton (Middlesboro, Kentucky), Christian Gage Piercy (New Tazewell, Tennessee), Blake Stoner (Middlesboro, Kentucky) and Cameron Tomfohrde (Speedwell, Tennessee);

- 10th-graders Dallas Boger (New Tazewell), Presley Cole (New Tazewell, Tennessee), Victoria Fitzovich (Tazewell, Tennessee), Daniel Gao (Tazewell, Tennessee), Lillian Turley (Harrogate, Tennessee) and Olivia Nichols (Tazewell, Tennessee).

- 11th-graders Caleb Daniels (Harrogate, Tennessee), Angelina Holtsclaw (New Tazewell, Tennessee), Alan Luc (Middlesboro, Kentucky), Beraya Piercy (New Tazewell, Tennessee), Amber Roberts (Ewing, Virginia), Simon Strickland (Cumberland Gap, Tennessee);

- 12th-graders William DeBusk (Tazewell, Tennessee), Jayden Fisher (New Tazewell, Tennessee), Alaina Graham (Harrogate, Tennessee) and Lara Gunter (Jacksboro, Tennessee).


Students receiving Honors (all As and one B) include:

- fourth-graders, Evangelina Gromley (Tazewell, Tennessee), Adriawna Hudson (Middlesboro, Kentucky) and Karsyn Noe (Harrogate, Tennessee);

- fifth-graders Alexa Craney (Tazewell, Tennessee); Landon Eldridge (Harrogate, Tennessee), Shelby Higgins (New Tazewell, Tennessee), Logan Hudson (Middlesboro, Kentucky), Journey Jackson (LaFollette, Tennessee), Tyler Nickerson (LaFollette, Tennessee); Sophie Neeley (Harrogate, Tennessee), Virgil Nickerson (LaFollette, Tennessee), Madilynn Seidel (Jonesville, Virginia) and Cutchin Wynn (Jonesville, Virginia);

- sixth-graders Marley Caldwell (LaFollette, Tennessee) and Avery Thompson (Tazewell, Tennessee);

- seventh-graders Michael Begley (New Tazewell, Tennessee) and Ella Wynn (Jonesville, Virginia); 

- eighth-graders Dalton Brown (LaFollette, Tennessee), Naomi Garner (LaFollette, Tennessee) and Charley Leach (Jacksboro, Tennessee);

- ninth-graders Caleb Carney (Harrogate, Tennessee), Connor Foster (Jacksboro, Tennessee), Jaymin Huddleston (Harrogate, Tennessee), Mary Johnson (Harrogate, Tennessee), Miten Patel (Middlesboro, Kentucky), Samuel Rhodes (Luttrell, Tennessee) and Cameron Tomfohrde (Speedwell, Tennessee);

- 10th-graders Haleigh Almbarak (Speedwell, Tennessee), Carson Daniels (Tazewell, Tennessee), Mackenzie Graham (Harrogate, Tennessee), Haylea Helton (Tazewell, Tennessee), Kinsee Lefevers (Tazewell, Tennessee) and Hunter Whitaker (Cumberland Gap, Tennessee);

- 11th-graders Austin Boger (Tazewell, Tennessee), John Bradley (Harrogate, Tennessee), Ashlee Grace Kelly (Rose Hill, Virginia), Kyla Piercy (New Tazewell, Tennessee), Justin Poland (Harrogate, Tennessee), Anna Posey (Tazewell, Tennessee), Courtney Roberts (Ewing, Virginia), Carson Shumate (Middlesboro, Kentucky), Jacob Yeary (Tazewell, Tennessee) and Gareth Zahnke-Basuki (Big Stone Gap, Virginia);

- 12th-graders Madison Acuff (Harrogate, Tennessee), Elizabeth Beason (New Tazewell, Tennessee), Sophia Nichols (Tazewell, Tennessee), Bailey Patton (Harrogate, Tennessee), Maximilian Slowinski (Harrogate, Tennessee) and Enik Rogers (LaFollette, Tennessee).


The J. Frank White Academy is a private coeducational college preparatory school located on the campus of Lincoln Memorial University and serves students grades K-12 from Claiborne, Union, Campbell and Hancock counties in Tennessee; Bell County, Kentucky; and Lee County, Virginia. For more information call the main office at 869-6234 or visit JFWA.LMUNET.EDU.


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