Lincoln Memorial University

AVMA Legislative Advisory Committee

by Daniel Kish, LMU-CVM Class of 2020

Daniel Kish with Ted Yoho and Dr. Jason Johnson


I had the opportunity to represent the Student American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA) on the AVMA Legislative Advisory Committee (LAC). The LAC is charged with forming a legislative voice that encompasses the needs of all stakeholders in the veterinary community and members of the AVMA. The LAC is made up of 14 entities spanning across all aspects of veterinary medicine. As a member of the committee, I contributed to forming the legislative position the AVMA adopted on many topics affecting veterinary medicine in Congress. In addition, the committee meets with senators and representatives such as Florida Congressman Ted Yoho during office visits, mixers, and dinners. Meetings such as the one pictured are crucial because they allow the veterinary community to have open dialogue about issues and it strengthens relationships between constituents and lawmakers. Congressman Yoho was excited to meet a veterinary student and we enjoyed a great conversation about student loans, potential career opportunities and his experience as both a Congressman and veterinarian.



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