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About the Program

To inquire about this program:
Dr. Sandra Weems | 423.869.6329 | [email protected]

This honors experience is open to students in all undergraduate majors. There are two levels of participation for students in the Honors Program. The University Honors Scholar status is recommended for those who have three (or more) years to complete the course requirements (23 honors credits).

The status of Honors Scholar is recommended for those who wish to complete their undergraduate education in fewer than three years but still wish to participate in the honors experience and complete the adjusted course requirements (18 honors credits).

Requirements for Completion 

  • Complete core honors courses: HNRS 100, HNRS 203, HNRS 303.
  • Complete a total of 23 (University Honors Scholar) or 18 (Honors Scholar) credits of approved courses
  • Maintain semester and cumulative G.P.A. of 3.00 or higher with no Honors course grade less than a "C"
  • Participate in the Honors Program Point System (see below)
  • Complete the Honors Thesis project and defend it before a student and faculty panel

Honors Contract Courses

In addition to core honors courses, students may complete required honors credits by taking honors contract courses. Application for contract courses can be found here.

Honors Program Point System

This point system encourages active participation in the Honors community, the LMU community, and the local, national, and international communities to which we belong. Each Honors Scholar is expected to earn at least 10 points each semester by participating in activities and events in academics, cultural, and service areas. The specific activities for which points may be earned and their point values are indicated on an official Honors Point System Form.

Honors Thesis

Each honors scholar completes a capstone scholarly research project. Students complete a Thesis Contract with a faculty mentor to plan, research, and write a scholarly thesis or produce a creative project. Information about Honors Thesis Requirements are found in the LMU Undergraduate Catalog.