Ashraf Aly

Contact Information Mathematics Phone: 423.869.6592
Office Location: Hamilton Math & Science Bldg 345
Email: [email protected]


 Courses Taught:


  • COSC 160 Computer Science I
  • COSC 194 Computer Science Career Seminar
  • COSC 240 Computer Science II
  • COSC 244 Data Structures
  • COSC 344 Software Engineering
  • COSC 346 Operating Systems
  • COSC 348 Principles of Algorithms
  • COSC 350 Programming Language
  • COSC 354 Networks and Data Communications
  • COSC 356 Database management
  • COSC 358 Artificial Intelligence
  • COSC 440 Network Security
  • COSC 444 Software Engineering II
  • COSC 446 Program Translation
  • COSC 448 Computer Theory
  • COSC 450 Computer Architechture
  • COSC 498 Computer Science Internship


  • PhD in Computer Science from UTM University,
  • Master Degree in Computer Science from Colorado University,
  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from Cairo University

Research areas of interest:

  • Software engineering,
  • Computer Gaming,
  • Networking,
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Bioinformatics specially the health effect of EMF radiation, including 5G Technology.


  • Software project with Colorado University (USA)to study the connectivity of Hyper-Rings Distributed Networks and create a software system to calculate the connectivity and conductivity of hyper-ring distributed networks.
  • Two Software project with Colorado MEDtech Company USA, full life cycle development to create software system to operate blood sample test machines.
  • Project with Colorado University (USA) to test the effects of EMF on human immune system. I have achieved a novel results, which is EMF from mobiles affect the human cells after 2.5 minutes, and I answer the question “is there effect of mobiles radiation on human cells” by yes with confirmed evidence.
  • Software project with the Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC)and the students  to develop and launch a new eBusiness application to an electronic sale kiosk (eKiosk), enhanced technology product known as the AADC eKiosk. The AADC is dedicated to provide e-Services that allow customers to view online information such as their Personal Information, Account Information, Bill Information, consumption history and moreover allow them to easily pay their bills through various options of payment methods.
  • 3D Game Design Modeling projects, Supervisor for student capstone Gaming projects.
  • Project with UTM University, Image Processing project to develop and implement a software automated system to detect and track the mobility of the living cells and calculate velocity and changing shape of the cells.
  • Project with Martin Co., the city of Inez, and the Dream Discovery Center, for the SOAR/KARD grant RFP. We will be offering a STEM summer camp for regional students that doubles as a professional development opportunity for teachers.
  • LMU Project, to teach Computer Programming to High School students.
  • Internship advisor, for student Software Engineering


  • 21st Century and STEM Curriculum development and implementation.
  • Journal Editorial board member for several Journals. Member of the Research  
  • Gate, my publications reached 11, 183 reads on the gate.


  • Ashraf A. Aly, and Frank S. Barnes, Effects of 900-MHz  Radio Frequencies on the Chemotaxis of Human Neutrophils in Vitro, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, VOL. 55, NO. 2, FEBRUARY 2008.
  • Ashraf A. Aly, Safaai Bin Deris, Nazar Zaki, “A new Algorithm for Cell Tracking Technique "(ACIJ) Journal,2, No.6, November 2011.
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  • Ashraf A. Aly, Safaai Bin Deris, Nazar Zaki, "A Novel Image Segmentation Enhancement Technique Based On Active Contour and Topological Alignments ", Advanced Computing: An International Journal (ACIJ), Vol.2, No.3, May 2011.
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  • Ashraf A. Aly, Tom Altman, "An Efficient Algorithm To Calculate The Connectivity Of

Hyper-Rings Distributed Networks", (IJITCS) Vol.6, No.2/3, June 2016.

  • Ashraf A. Aly," Cell Tracking Quality Comparison between Active Shape Model (ASM)

and Active Appearance Models (AAM)-Based Tracking ", (IJITCS), Vol.6, No.4,

August 2016.

  • Ashraf A. Aly," Research Review For Possible Relation Between Mobile Phone radiation

And Brain Tumor", (IJITCS), Vol.6, No.4, September 2016.

  • Ashraf, Aly, “Research Review For Cyper Security And Biometric Authentication”. International

Journal of Computer Science & Information Technology (IJCSIT) Sept 2018. (In Press)

  • Ashraf, Aly, “The Facts About 5G Technology Network Systems Environment”. International Journal of Computer Science & Information Technology (IJCSIT). (In Press).

”. International Journal of Computer Science & Information Technology (IJCSIT) Dec 2019.(In Press)

  • Ashraf, Aly, “The new 5G mobile communication technology bioeffects On Human

Health”. International Journal of Computer Science & Information Technology (IJCSIT) Feb 2020. (In Press) 


  • Ashraf A. Aly, Tom Altman (1999), Reliable communication Schemes in Hyper-Rings

Distributed Networks (Thesis), Communication Conference, Colorado, USA.

  • Ashraf Aly and Melinda Piket-May , FDTD computation for SAR induced in human head due to exposure to EMF from mobile phone, UAE Mathematics DAY 2006.
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 December 2008.

  • Ashraf A. Aly, Safaai Bin Deris, Nazar Zaki. " Electromagnetic field emitted by 1800 MHz GSM mobile phone cause damage and affect the activity of human leukocytes in vitro", IEEE IRI 2009 International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration, Las Vegas, USA, August 2009.
  • Ashraf  Aly,    Safaai  Bin   Deris, Nazar     Zaki.“Evaluation Review  For Digital Segmentation Methods”, The fourth international   Conference  on
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  • Ashraf A. Aly, Safaai Bin Deris, Nazar Zaki. " Intelligent Techniques for Image  Segmentation  in CellTracking and Mobility A nalysis", 7th international Conference on innovation in information technology,Abu Dhabi-UAE, April 2011.
  • Ashraf A. Aly," A SURVEY OF BIOMETRICS AND ITS DETECTION METHODS", The 12th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (ICCSIT 2019) University of Barcelona, Spain December 18-20, 2019.


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