Gavin Kirton

Contact Information Chemistry and Physics Phone: 423.869.6222
Office Location: Hamilton Math & Science Bldg 346
Email: [email protected]


Courses taught: Introduction to Chemistry (and Laboratory), Quantitative and Instrumental Analysis I (and Laboratory), Quantitative and Instrumental Analysis II (and Laboratory), Physical Chemistry I (and Laboratory), Physical Chemistry II (and Laboratory), Environmental Chemistry (and Laboratory).

Education: PhD in Chemistry from The Australian National University (Canberra, Australia), 2001. BSc (Honours I) in Chemistry from Murdoch University (Perth, Australia) with the AJ Parker CRC in Hydrometallurgy, 1995.  BSc in Chemistry, Physics from Murdoch University (Perth, Australia), 1994.

Memberships: American Chemical Society (Analytical Division, Colloid & Surface Chemistry Division, Chemical Education Division).

Research interests: 1) Use of atomic absorption spectrometry for environmental monitoring and heavy metal pollutants. I collaborate with students and faculty in Chemistry research projects, the Cumberland Mountain Research Center, and the Department of Biology. Carry out measurements of metals in stream waters, seawater sample, seagrass samples, and soil samples.  2) Educational research: development of experiments and manuals for upper-level chemistry undergraduates (analytical chemistry and physical chemistry). Recently worked with a Chemistry Seminar student to develop a new laboratory exercise to utilize the electrochemistry apparatus. 3) Colloid and surface chemistry: Have been refining a home-made convective assembly apparatus to create thin films of colloidal particles like silica on surfaces. I have also a historical interest in the electrostatics of mixed ionic/nonionic micelles.

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