Barbara Shock

Contact Information Biology Phone: 423.869.7180
Office Location: Hamilton Math & Science Bldg 333
Email: [email protected]


Courses Taught: 


General Biology II


Conservation Biology

Wildlife Diseases

Senior Seminar

Writing in the Life Sciences

Degrees Earned: 

B.S. in Biology, Minor in Creative Writing – West Virginia University

M.S. in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences: Infectious Disease – University of Georgia

PhD in Forest Resources: Wildlife Ecology and Management – University of Georgia

Research Interests:

Dr. Shock's field of research is wildlife disease ecoepidemiology. In other words, she studies the ecology and epidemiology of infectious diseases of wildlife. A lot of her focus is on ticks and tick-transmitted diseases, many of which are zoonotic (i.e., can be transmitted to people). She use a combination of field and molecular techniques to investigate questions. She loves working with undergraduates and helping them to learn techniques and become more comfortable with research and scientific presentations.


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