Jonathan Leo

Dr. Jonathan Leo

Contact Information DCOM Phone: 423.869.7094
Office Location: DCOM 323
Email: [email protected]

Jonathan Leo, PhD has been at LMU-DCOM for fifteen years. In addition to teaching anatomy and neuroanatomy, he is the Division Chair of the Neuroscience section of the Foundational Biomedical Sciences Exam of NBOME.


  • BA, Macalester College
  • PhD, University of Iowa


Dr. Leo has published several articles and textbook chapters about the biological theories of mental health and the genetic theories of psychological distress. Rethinking ADHD was published in 2009.  He has also written several textbook chapters for academic books and textbooks. Several of his papers have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Medscape, Nature, Forbes, and The Scientist.

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