Faculty Directory

    Name Title Phone Office Department Email
    Arshad AhsanuddinAssistant Professor of Pathology, DCOM865.338.5739WKNOX Bldg 1 163DCOM[email protected]
    Mary Beth BabosProfessor of Pharmacology & Chair of Pharmacology423.869.7756DCOM 230DCOM[email protected]
    Stephen BergmanAssistant Professor of OMM, DCOM423.869.6053DCOM 130DCOM[email protected]
    Juanita BrownAssociate Professor of OMM, DCOM423.869.6056DCOM 117DCOM[email protected]
    Justin BuckOMM Scholar, Knoxville865.338.6839WKNOX Bldg 1 DCOM[email protected]
    Colleen BullenAcademic Fieldwork Coordinator & Assistant Prof of Occupatio865.338.5725WKNOX Bldg 1 153DCOM[email protected]
    Teresa CampbellAssociate Professor of Pathology, DCOM & Chair of Pathology423.869.6656DCOM 236DCOM[email protected]
    Jeffrey ChesnutAssociate Professor of Clinical Medicine423.869.7438DCOM 132DCOM[email protected]
    Mark ColemanAssociate Professor of Anatomy423.869.6396Hamilton Math & Science Bldg 413DCOM[email protected]
    Clarence ColleAssociate Dean of Preclinical Academic Affairs and Basic Medical Sciences Professor of Microbiology423.869.6715DCOM 223DCOM[email protected]
    Anya CopeAssistant Dean of Clinical Affairs & Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine423.869.6605DCOM 110DCOM[email protected]
    Danielle DarterAssistant Professor Family Medicine865.338.5689WKNOX Bldg 1 165DCOM[email protected]
    Kale DavidsonAnatomy Scholar, Harrogate423.869.6839Hamilton Math & Science Bldg DCOM[email protected]
    Gina DefrancoAssociate Professor of Family Medicine & Chair of Family Medicine865.338.5700WKNOX Bldg 1 166DCOM[email protected]
    Elizabeth DouglasAssistant Professor of Internal Medicine423.869.6702DCOM 122DCOM[email protected]
    Beatrix DudzikAssociate Professor of Anatomy423.869.6509Hamilton Math & Science Bldg 414DCOM[email protected]
    Timothy ElledgeAssistant Professor of Ethics423.869.6029Hamilton Math & Science Bldg 338DCOM[email protected]
    Douglas FitzovichProfessor of Physiology, DCOM Knoxville865.338.5703WKNOX Bldg 1 235DCOM[email protected]
    Natalie FreemanAssistant Professor of Biochemistry865.338.5737WKNOX Bldg 1 240DCOM[email protected]
    Jade GallimoreAssistant Professor of Surgery423.869.6845DCOM 205DCOM[email protected]
    John GasslerAssociate Professor of Anatomy423.869.7182Hamilton Math & Science Bldg 410DCOM[email protected]
    John GibbonsAssociate Professor of Physiology, DCOM423.869.7447DCOM 219DCOM[email protected]
    Hannah GoebelOMM Scholar423.869.6839DCOM DCOM[email protected]
    Randy GreggAssociate Professor of Immunology, Knoxville & Director of Research865.338.5704WKNOX Bldg 1 237DCOM[email protected]
    Adam GromleyAssociate Professor of Molecular/Cellular Biology & Director of Research423.869.6698Hamilton Math & Science Bldg 433DCOM[email protected]
    Zeynep GromleyAssociate Professor of Biochemistry & Chair Molecular Sciences423.869.6792Hamilton Math & Science Bldg 429DCOM[email protected]
    Gayle HamannAssistant Professor of Clinical Medicine423.869.6758DCOM 134DCOM[email protected]
    Beverly HamiltonProgram Director, Master of Science Programs and Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology 423.869.7441Hamilton Math & Science Bldg 327DDCOM[email protected]
    Kellee HaniganAssociate Professor & Program Director, Physical Therapy865.338.5680WKNOX Bldg 1 227DCOM[email protected]
    Anthony HarperAssistant Professor of Anatomy-Lmu Dcom Knoxville865.338.5748WKNOX Bldg 1 107DCOM[email protected]
    Donna HermeyProfessor of Anatomy, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine & Chair of Anatomy & Program Director Anatomical Education423.869.7127Hamilton Math & Science Bldg 407DCOM[email protected]
    Jason HughesAssistant Professor of Occupational Therapy & Program Director, Occupational Therapy Program865.338.5677WKNOX Bldg 1 216DCOM[email protected]
    Sherry JimenezAssociate Dean Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice Associate Professor of Medical Education423.869.6547DCOM 220DCOM[email protected]
    Kwaku KankamAssistant Professor of Physical Therapy, Neuro865.338.5766WKNOX Bldg 1 233DCOM[email protected]
    Dennis KiickProfessor of Biochemistry423.869.7086DCOM 231DCOM[email protected]
    Ji Eun KimAssistant Professor of Anatomy, Dcom At Lmu Knoxville865.338.5687WKNOX Bldg 1 108DCOM[email protected]
    Adam KolatorowiczAssociate Professor of Anatomy, DCOM at LMU Knoxville865.338.5690WKNOX Bldg 1 105DCOM[email protected]
    Stan KunigelisProfessor of Physiology & Director of Math & Sciences Imaging & Analysis423.869.6818DCOM 217DCOM[email protected]
    Kelly LayneAssistant Professor of Occupational Therapy & Director of Didactic EducationWKNOX Bldg 1 DCOM[email protected]
    Donnie LewisAssistant Professor of Occupational Therapy, Director of Clinical Education865.338.5683WKNOX Bldg 1 214DCOM[email protected]
    Christopher LoykeDean and Chief Academic Officer, DCOM and Professor of Family Medicine423.869.6661DCOM 335DCOM[email protected]
    Jeffrey MartinAssociate Professor of Physiology, DCOM, Associate Dean of Basic Medical Sciences & Chair of Physiology865.338.5693WKNOX Bldg 1 226DCOM[email protected]
    Richard McGillAssistant Professor/Chair of Pediatrics423.869.6046DCOM 133DCOM[email protected]
    Lori McGrewAssociate Professor of Pharmacology423.869.6613DCOM 229DCOM[email protected]
    Jillian McNallyOMM Scholar, Knoxville865.338.6839WKNOX Bldg 1 110DCOM[email protected]
    Debasis MondalAssociate Professor of Microbiology and Infectious Disease865.338.5715WKNOX Bldg 1 238DCOM[email protected]
    Teanna MooreInterim Chair of OMM & Assistant Professor of OMM and Family Medicine865.338.5768WKNOX Bldg 1 220DCOM[email protected]
    Veera MotashawAssistant Professor of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine865.338.5731WKNOX Bldg 1 219DCOM[email protected]
    Maurice NidaAssistant Professor of Internal Medicine & Chair of Internal Medicine423.869.7413DCOM 134DCOM[email protected]
    Domenico PalazzoloProfessor of Physiology423.869.6680Hamilton Math & Science Bldg 430DCOM[email protected]
    Azabelle PetersOMM Scholar, Knoxville423.869.6839DCOM DCOM[email protected]
    Syed QuadriAssociate Professor of Pharmacology, DCOM-Knoxville865.338.5724WKNOX Bldg 1 239DCOM[email protected]
    Chloe RuffAssociate Director of Assessment & Faculty Development & Assistant Professor of Education, Medical Education865.338.5691WKNOX Bldg 1 148DCOM[email protected]
    Jennifer RussomannoAssistant Professor of Public Health865.338.5722WKNOX Bldg 1 159DCOM[email protected]
    Lisa SiinoAssistant Professor of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine865.338.5745WKNOX Bldg 1 218DCOM[email protected]
    Leah SnodgrassAssociate Professor of Psychiatry, Chair of Psychiatry423.869.6468DCOM 120DCOM[email protected]
    Michael SpadaforaAssistant Professor of Physical Therapy - Msk865.338.5678WKNOX Bldg 1 229DCOM[email protected]
    Brent ThompsonAssociate Professor of Anatomy Dcom - Knoxville865.338.5682WKNOX Bldg 1 109DCOM[email protected]
    Roderick TownerOMM Scholar423.869.6839Hamilton Math & Science Bldg DCOM[email protected]
    Kenneth TrzilAssistant Professor of Internal Medicine423.869.6690DCOM 131DCOM[email protected]
    Jun WangAssociate Professor of Pathology, DCOM423.869.6502DCOM 214DCOM[email protected]
    Kali WeaverAssistant Dean of Students & Associate Professor of Pharmacology423.869.6057DCOM 323DCOM[email protected]
    Douglas WestonAssociate Professor of OMM, DCOM423.869.6777DCOM 135DCOM[email protected]
    Jerry WietingSenior Associate Dean & Professor of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine & Athletics Physician423.869.7148DCOM 343DCOM[email protected]
    John WilliamsonAssociate Professor of OB/GYN and Chair of OB/GYN423.869.7130DCOM 205DCOM[email protected]
    Robert WilmothAssociate Professor, General Surgery/Chair of Surgery, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine423.869.7214DCOM 205DCOM
    Roy YontsAssociate Professor of Family Medicine423.869.7216DCOM 127DCOM[email protected]
    Tim YostAssistant Professor of Physical Therapy and Associate Program865.338.6011DCOM 232DCOM[email protected]
    Jan ZierenProfessor of Family Medicine & Medical Director, Student Health Center423.869.7097DCOM 121DCOM[email protected]