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Hybrid/Blended Learning


What is a hybrid or blended course?

Hybrid/Blended courses blend both online and face-to-face delivery as one or more face-to-face class meetings replaced with online content, instruction, or assessment. Training is required for all online and hybrid instructors through the CTLE (contact 423.869.6268 for more info). If you are teaching a hybrid course, you must officially classify your course HYB with the Registrar and contact the CTLE for more information.

Please note:

The designation is used when one of more face-to-face class sessions are being replaced with online content. A limited number of online activities added due to instructor illness, emergency, or other extenuating circumstance during a semester does not constitute a hybrid course.

To Review: LMU Hybrid Definition and Requirements

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Additional Tools

Blended Learning Toolkit:
Based on proven research and informed by practical experience, this site offers guidance, examples, and other resources for preparing a blended course or program.

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