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Mental Health Services

Available July 1, 2023

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StudentLife by Empathia has partnered with Lincoln Memorial University to offer 24/7, expanded mental health and daily life services. StudentLife acts as an extension to your onsite resources by providing students with expert assistance and practical resources for addressing mental health concerns, substance abuse, personal problems, balancing school and other obligations and many other issues. Faculty and staff also have access to a 24/7 consultation service that can assist with addressing student performance and wellbeing, as well as crisis situations. StudentLife is free and confidential support with a focus on addressing barriers to academic success.

Mental health support is available in such areas as:

  • Stress, depression and personal problems
  • Balancing school and personal needs
  • Relationship concerns
  • Alcohol or drug dependency
  • Managing anger or other negative emotions

Resources for daily life are available in such areas as:

  • Financial consultation and resources to set up a budget, establish good credit, learn more about student loan options, planning for managing debt, etc.
  • Legal consultation with an attorney either over the phone or face-to-face for consumer law, traffic citations, fender benders, landlord-tenant issues, etc.
  • Finding volunteer opportunities
  • Finding housing options and resources
  • Locating transportation options
  • Problem-solving for addressing food insecurities
  • Identifying child care resources and guidance
  • Finding service providers after a move
  • …and much more

Faculty and staff can contact StudentLife for consultation and support in addressing such student-related concerns as:

  • Talking to a student about class performance
  • A student’s personal problem
  • Suspected drug or alcohol use impacting grades
  • Interpersonal conflicts affecting class participation
  • Establishing clear, attainable expectations
  • Addressing crisis situations, such as a violent incident, death of a student or a natural disaster





To contact StudentLife call 1-855-695-2818, be sure to offer Student Code: LMU1 

You can also download the StudentLife app and log in with code LMU1