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Mountain Heritage Literary Festival



Writing Contests


The Jesse Stuart Prize for Young Adult Fiction: Entries for this prize are limited to no more than 3,000 words and may not be entered simultaneously in the Still contest. Entries must be written for written with the intended audience of young readers, middle grade, or young adult. Judges reserve the right to determine if entry does or does not meet that criteria.

 MHLF 2022 Winners:

1st place: Sam Campbell

2nd place: Laurel Hobbs

3rd place: Chrissie Anderson Peters


The James Still Prize for Fiction Short StoryEntries for this prize should be no more that 4,000 words and there is no restriction on subject matter. 

 MHLF 2022 Winners:

1st place:Angela Joynes

2nd place: Daniel Reiss

3rd place: Daniel Ray



The George Scarbrough Prize for Poetry: There are no restrictions on subject matter for this prize. One entry is considered a single poem or a set of up to three poems. 

 MHLF 2022 Winners

1st place: Ralph Monday

2nd place: Megan Hutchinson

3rd place: Larry Pike


The Emma Bell Miles Prize for Nonfiction Essay: Entries for this prize should be no more than 4,000 words, and there is no restriction on subject matter. 

 MHLF 2022 Winners

1st place: Chrissie Anderson Peters

2nd place: Tiphani Davis

3rd place: John Mannone


 The Silas House Fellowship for Emerging Writers: Given to one outstanding LMU student interested in pursuing their creative writing at MHLF.

MHLF 2022 Winner:

Jennifer Gambrel