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Special Events


The following activities require a Special Event Contract and could require a Certificate of Insurance which names Lincoln Memorial University as additionally insured with Lincoln Memorial University's insurance coverage limits.

  • Operation of special amusements, including but not limited to animal (horse, pony, or other live animal) or mechanical rides, inflatable play amusements, rock climbing walls, and musical or theatrical performances.
  • Conduct of camps, fairs, exhibitions, rallies, fundraising efforts, races, walks, athletic league games or practices, and other organized events.
  • Construction of tents, canopies, inflatable amusements, or other temporary structures. This includes, but not limited to moon walks, water slides, dunking booths, and portable pools.
  • Use of musical instruments, radios and other sound devices, and amplified sound equipment.
  • Sale of food, beverages, or other goods.
  • Collection of fees or monetary contributions.