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About Arts in the Gap


What is Arts in the Gap (AITG)?

Arts in the Gap (AITG) is an art program run in conjunction with Lincoln Memorial University and the town of Cumberland Gap Tennessee. The purpose of AITG is cultivating artists, embracing Appalachian culture, and connecting communities. We do this by hosting workshops and performances that help engage participants in our areas cultural and creative practices. Workshops and performances are held in the summer months of June and July. The workshops and events cover various aspects of visual and performance arts, as well as creative writing.

Where is AITG Located?

Workshops and events are held on the main campus of Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, TN and in the charming town of Cumberland Gap, TN.

Who Is aitg for?

AITG is for everyone and anyone who is willing to try something new or wants to better their art skills. AITG is for artists looking to learn new skills and have an opportunity to teach others. Adults looking to expand their knowledge in art, music, performing, creating or discovering the cultural and creative heritage of the area. AITG is also for children looking to get creative with visual art, get hands on with performance art, and learn the basics about Appalachian culture in a way geared towards their age group.

Our History

We started AITG to connect the community and Lincoln Memorial University together in celebration of the regions rich culture and creative heritage. Since its founding in 2013 we have connected over 300 participants with over 50 artists. We have mixed the creative works of visual and performance art with that of cultural and traditional arts of the region, thus creating a festival that embraces our past while looking forward to the future of art and artists in our area. We hope you will join us at one of our workshops or events and become part of our celebration of the past, present, and future.


Arts in the Gap is dedicated to the creativity and cultural heritage of Appalachia within the Cumberland Gap community at the confluence of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia.


Through workshops, exhibitions, performances, and other studio opportunities, Arts in the Gap invites participants from all walks of life to engage in our region's unique creative and cultural practices firsthand.


By cultivating traditional, contemporary, and emerging artisanship deeply rooted in our region, Arts in the Gap presents a unique opportunity for the past and present to meet the future. We provide an environment in which to share, explore, and respond to creative works of all forms and traditions, inspiring appreciation for the arts in industry, education, and our everyday lives.