Student Well-being

 Wellness Initiative

LMU-CVM’s Wellness-Initiative was put in place to ensure our students mental and physical health outside of the classroom. It is based on the AVMA’s dimensions of well-being; this includes: social, physical, environmental, occupational, intellectual, emotional, financial, and spiritual well-being. Student Services plans events throughout the semester to promote these well-being themes. There is also a well-being committee made up of students that focuses of wellness and collaborates with CVM Student Services.


On-campus resources are available to all LMU-CVM students.

LMU-CVM wellness wheel: social, environmental, occupational, spiritual, financial, emotional, intellectual, physical

 9 Dimensions of Wellbeing

  •  Occupational wellbeing
    Being engaged in work that brings you personal satisfaction and aigns with your values, goals and lifestyle
  •  Intellectual wellbeing
    Participating in learning activities that foster critical thinking and expand your world view
  •  Spiritual wellbeing
    Seeking inner harmony and balance through self-reflection and exploration of your role in the universe
  •  Social wellbeing
    Surrounding yourself with a network of support based on mutual trust, repect, and compassion
  •  Emotional wellbeing
    Identifying and managing the full range of your emotions, and seeking help when necessary
  •  Physical wellbeing
    Getting enough sleep, eating a well-balanced diet, engaging in adequate exercise, getting regular medical check-ups, and practicing other healthy habits
  •  Financial wellbeing
    Being cognizant of your personal finances and adhering to a budget that enables you to reach your financial goals
  •  Creative wellbeing
    Participating in diverse cultural and artistic experiences that give you a deeper appreciation for the world around you
  •  Environmental wellbeing
    Recognizing your interconnectedness with nature, and taking an active role in preserving, protecting and improving the environment