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Student Clubs & Organizations

The LMU-CVM offers students the opportunity to join a variety of student-led organizations and clubs. If you need more information pertaining to clubs, organizations, or current leadership positions, please contact Rachel Ely at [email protected].

CVM Organizations & Special Events

LMU-CVM Wellbeing Committee

Mission: Dedicated to provided knowledge and opportunities to increase the overall wellbeing of students during their time at LMU-CVM.

LMU-CVM Inclusive Excellence Committee

Mission: To uphold the LMU-CVM core principles by integrating diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and cultural competency in all facets of the LMU-CVM community (e.g., curriculum, research, admissions and hiring practices, interest groups, etc.). 

Vision: To further the excellence of LMU-CVM and the veterinary field by training diverse students, faculty, and staff who promote inclusivity and equity. To create a cohesive, inclusive culture that values the innovation and excellence that diversity brings to LMU-CVM.  

AVMA Policy on Diversity and Inclusion


Tri-State Doggie Olympics

Inaugural Event: Saturday, October 1st, 2022

Our purpose is to raise donations and supplies for our local animal shelters, follow a OneHealth model of canine and human health, and to just have fun!

-Eligible for 1 SAVMA point (helping OR participating) for CVM students!
-Eligible for 20 Community Service hours for helping for Undergraduate students!
-Eligible for touch hours for helping for DCOM students!


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Kaitlyn Devries Memorial 5k

Annual 5k to benefit the Kaitlyn Devries Memorial Scholarship.

Student Clubs

American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP)

Providing learning, leadership, and networking opportunities to students in equine veterinary medicine.

Animal Behavior Club

This club seeks to promote the importance of animal behavior in vetmed, provide vet students with educational opportunities related to animal behavior, and act as a camaraderie among vet students with an interest in animal behavior.

Animal Welfare Club (Shelter Medicine)

Club dedicated to positively impacting shelter medicine in the tri-state region and beyond by organizing spay/neuter events, fostering and transport of shelter animals, and more.

Association of Asian Veterinary Medical Professionals (AAVMP)

The mission of the AAVMP at LMU-CVM shall be to unite and support the Asian and AAPI veterinary community and to demonstrate allyship alongside other affinity organizations.

Christian Veterinary Fellowship (CVF)

Our mission is to empower, change and facilitate veterinary students to serve others and build relationships through their veterinary knowledge and skills so that lives are transformed.

Companion Animal Club (CAC)

This club is for the hopeful general practitioner! We consider ourselves the umbrella club for all companion animal offshoots, and strive to focus on the human-animal bond.

CVM Student Government Association (SGA) 

Our mission is to advocate for the CVM Student Body.

Diagnostic Imaging and Veterinary Anatomy Club (DIVAC)

Our club seeks to encourage students in the continued pursuit of knowledge in anatomy for students in the LMU-CVM.

The Farm Production Animal Club (Food Animal)

Our club seeks to increase exposure to all aspects of animal agriculture including both further development of skills by students with a food animal emphasis and exposure of students not currently focused on food animal medicine to the opportunities in practice. 

Integrative Medicine Club

Our mission is to advocate for a holistic educational experience to LMU-CVM students by introducing alternative, integrative, holistic, and complimentary therapies coupled with traditional veterinary medicine modalities.

Kindness Crew

Our mission is to discover and meet the needs for our community on a personal level through acts of service.

One Health Club (OHC)

Due to the growing importance of animal and human interactions and public health on a local and global scale, this club aims to increase public health awareness through lectures and interactive activities that advocate participation in global and public health as well as increase understanding of the field.

Student American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA)

SAVMA exists to support, empower, and inspire all veterinary students in improving their lives, education, and career, along with securing a better future for our profession through collaboration with our parent organization, the AVMA

Student Chapter for the Society of Future Theriogenologists (SFT)

This club was designed to provide learning opportunities and leadership in veterinary reproductive medicine of different species.

Student Chapter of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (SCACVP)

Our mission is to promote excellence in veterinary pathology through LMU-CVM students as they protect and improve animal, human and environmental health to benefit society.

Student Chapter of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (SCACVIM)

This club is a nationally affiliated club that is dedicated to the advanced field of veterinary internal medicine.

Student Chapter of the Foundation of Veterinary Dentistry

Educating students more about the field of veterinary dentistry through various club activities, lectures, and educational opportunities and encouraging students in the involvement in the field of veterinary dentistry

Student Chapter of the LatinX Veterinary Medical Association (SCLVMA)

We hope to enhance the visibility of latinx culture and contributions to Vet Med, provide space and resources for Latinx for Non-latinX students to network with latinx veterinarians, commit to increased culture of awareness and fostering understanding that will help us grow confident and proud with our cultural ties and understanding.

Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (SVECCS)

A student run organization that focuses on the veterinary specialty of emergency and critical care.

Surgery Club

Founded to encourage and inform students interested in large and small animal surgery about opportunities for internship and residency in this specialty; enhance surgical skills, and practice surgery on cadavers and models with wet labs. 

Veterinary Students as One In Culture and Ethnicity (VOICE)

A student-run organization that seeks to increase awareness, respect, and sensitivity to differences among all individuals and communities in the field of veterinary medicine.

Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA)

A student-driven organization dedicated to advancing the profession through increasing business knowledge, creating networking opportunities, and empowering students to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Women’s Veterinary Leadership Development (WVLD)

Our mission is to be a strong and impactful voice to achieve WVLDI's vision by supporting women positions, providing professional development and educational content, developing student leaders.

Zoo, Exotics, Wildlife and Aquatics Club (ZEWAC)

To provide veterinary students with the opportunity to gain knowledge, practical skills, and experiences in veterinary medicine as they apply to zoo, exotic, wildlife, and aquatic animals.