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Ever Considered Research?

The LMU-CVM offers a wide range of experiences for CVM students in both paid and volunteer research positions. If you would like more information regarding any of the research opportunities at LMU-CVM offers, please contact Lauren Jolly.



    The SRA program at LMU-CVM offers veterinary students an opportunity to on research projects at LMU-CVM’s Harrogate and Ewing campuses. Providing our students opportunities to experience a rich biomedical research environment is a priority of our school. Students will acquire skill sets to (1) critically evaluate research papers, (2) define and formulate research questions, (3) formulate a testable hypothesis, (4) test a hypothesis using standardized techniques, (5) troubleshoot and consider alternative approaches to problems, (6) analyze results, and (7) effectively communicate research findings. Students will attend lectures/seminars on bioethics, research methodologies, research career paths, and current topics in veterinary research. Students will receive mandatory training in biosafety, laboratory best practices, blood-borne pathogens and chemical hazards. In addition, coaching in poster preparation/presentation, public speaking and manuscript writing will be provided. Students may present their findings at local or regional conferences. If you are interested in working as an SRA, please contact principal investigators (PIs) for more information about available projects and SRA positions. All SRAs in summer research positions are expected to present results of there project at the annual LMU-CVM Phi Zeta Research Day held each fall. Depending on the SRAs contribution to the project, the student may be asked to co-author resulting publications.


    Student research volunteers have no specified time commitment to a project and will not receive any stipend. This position provides students work experience in a research setting and allows them an opportunity to determine if they would like to pursue further research opportunities.


    The University of Kentucky Summer Research Program provides and opportunity for students at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Lincoln Memorial University to work in collaboration with the University of Kentucky in a research laboratory either at the Maxwell Gluck Equine Research Center or the UK Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory during the summer. The objective of this program is to provide veterinary students with concentrated research training opportunities during the summer semester. Students will perform full-time research under the supervision of faculty mentors at the University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Center and Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, participating in all activities of their host laboratories. Students will be exposed to all aspects of research, including formulation of a hypothesis, designing of experiments, performing bench research, analysis of data, and presentation of results in various formats (oral, poster and manuscript). Students may present their findings at local or regional conferences, including the LMU-CVM Research Day. Potential labs include, the research areas of Pathology, Parasitology, Infectious Disease and Reproduction.

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    The Boehringer Ingelheim Veterinary Scholars Program (BIVSP) at LMU-CVM aims to provide veterinary students with a concentrated research-training program during the summer, allowing them to gain insight on career opportunties in biomedical research. Student perform full-time research under the supervision of their faculty mentors and participate in all activities of their host laboratories. Click here to learn more.


    The CDC offers numerous opportunties for students through a variety of programs. These programs allow for invaluable experiences and potentially offer clear-cut paths to exciting careers at the CDC. For more information about the CDC student programs, please visit the CDC's website Pathways for Students and Graduates.