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Clinical Site Resources

Clinical Site Resources

Find the resources available to our affiliated clinical sites.
  •   General Information
    Learn more information about our affiliated clinical site program.
    •   Criteria for Being an Affiliated Clinical Site

      The following are attributes that are sought in practices wishing to participate in the LMU-CVM clinical year program:

      • Practitioners must have a current active Veterinary License free of veterinary board sanctions
      • Doctors and Staff must have a passion and personality for teaching with scheduling that allows sufficient time to instruct and mentor students.
      • Site meets all safety standards for imaging, DEA, fire, OSHA, MSDS ...
      • For Specialty Practice designation, they must have on-site subject matter experts; these may be specialty college diplomates or other specialty designations.
      • A robust caseload for a rich and varied clinical education experience
      • Presence of reference resources (may be provided by LMU-CVM)
      • Physical facilities in compliance with AVMA-COE requirements.
      • A clinical pathology laboratory on-site or accessible
      • Diagnostic instrumentation and nursing care for in-patients are available by the accepted standard of care
      • Necropsy capabilities available or accessible
      • Comprehensive and retrievable medical records to support teaching, research, and service programs of the College
      • Provisions for student interaction and discussion in the work-up of patients, including physical diagnosis, diagnostic problem-oriented decision-making, and case management decisions.
      • The presence of an environment that promotes lifelong learning
      • The presence of an environment that allows supervision and monitoring of the student’s educational experience by the LMU-CVM and feedback on student assessment
      • Presence of a conference room or office area for small group learning sessions on-site
      • Wireless internet accessibility
      • Computer literacy with the capability to interact with LMU-CVM electronically.
      • Isolation facilities onsite or accessible with appropriate warning signage and posted protocols.
      • A willingness to give feedback to students on a regular and routine basis.
      • A willingness to allow Clinical Site Quality Assurance (CAQA) inspection to be conducted by an LMU-CVM Clinical Relations Team member and follow the resulting recommendations.
      • Willingness to participate in training and other quality support exercises deemed necessary by the LMU-CVM
    •   Expectations of an Affiliated Clinical Site

      Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. Malcolm X

      The following are expectations of practices wishing to participate in the LMU-CVM clinical year program:

      • A Clinical Site must always have a least one Veterinarian (Clinical Educator) on-site that possess a current active Veterinary License free of veterinary board sanctions at all times when students are there.
      • A Clinical Site must have a healthy culture that is supportive our students.
      • There needs to be one Doctor who will serve as the Principle Clinical Educator who will be our primary contact and responsible party for for all aspects of the medical training for students.
      • There can be multiple Veterinarians that serve as Clinical Educators and work with the Principle Clinical Educator to train and mentor students.
      • Principle Clinical Educators will fill out 1-2 Student Evaluations per Block
      • Clinical sites will provide a schedule of open blocks for LMU-CVM to schedule students in to.
      • Clinical sites will keep LMU-CVM updated on personnel changes that affect the program
    •   Process to become an Affiliated Clinical Site
  •   Resources
    General and training resources, along with library access are available below..
  •   Frequently Asked Questions
    Get the answers to our most frequently asked questions.
    •   If I become an LMU-CVM Clinical Affiliate Partner, what is required?
      Clinical Affiliate partners should be committed to lifelong teaching and learning. Our Clinical Affiliates provide a quality work environment that emphasizes team work with a varied and busy case load. Further, Clinical Affiliates should have a sincere desire to give back to the next generation of veterinarians. As a Clinical Affiliate, you will need to provide fair evaluation and timely and constructive feedback to students.

      If you would like to become a Secondary Instructional Site, completion of initial and follow-up training is required.
    •   Why Should I become an LMU-Clinical Affiliate Partner?
      As a Clinical Affiliate, you will have the opportunity:

      To share passion, skills, and knowledge with future veterinarians and university faculty.

      To gain intellectual stimulation by learning from students, LMU-CVM faculty, and other affiliate partners on the latest veterinary findings.

      To showcase Clinical Affiliate Partner practice in the community as one of a small and exclusive group with membership in the LMU-CVM Hybrid Distributed Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

      To access to university faculty, training, teaching and reference resources.

      To learn and grow as a Clinical Affiliate team.

      To receive remuneration for professional contributions and costs associated with clinical education available for affiliates as secondary instructional sites within selected geographic regions, Specialty Boarded Veterinary practitioners and those site offering selected clinical experiences.
    •   How do Clinical Affiliate Partners Help LMU-CVM?
      The LMU-CVM's Clinical Affiliate Partners help the college attract the best students, motivate and inspire educators, excite and engage stakeholders and empower graduates.
    •   How Do I find out more?
      To find out more, explore our website and reach out to the LMU-CVM Clinical Relations and Outreach team at or 423.869.6009.