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    •  Criteria for being a Clinical Affiliate

      No veterinary board sanctions against practicing clinicians

      Meets all safety standards for imaging, DEA, fire, OSHA, MSDS …

      On-site subject matter experts in the area of specialty of the site; these may be specialty college diplomates, or American Board of

      Veterinary Practitioners diplomates, or individuals recognized as an expert by peers in the discipline of interest (including general practitioners)

      Adequate caseload for a rich and varied clinical education experience

      Presence of reference resources (may be provided by LMU-CVM)

      Physical facilities in compliance with Essential (Standard) 3.

      Physical Facilities and Equipment of the Council on Education of the AVMA

      A clinical pathology laboratory on site or accessible

      Diagnostic instrumentation and nursing care for in-patients available in accordance with accepted standard of care

      Necropsies capabilities available or accessible

      Comprehensive and retrievable medical records to support teaching, research and service programs of the College

      Provision for student interaction and discussion in the work-up of patients, including physical diagnosis, diagnostic problem-oriented decision making and case management decisions.

      Presence of an environment that promotes life-long learning

      Presence of an environment that allows supervision and monitoring of the student’s educational experience by the CVM and feedback on student assessment

      Presence of a conference room or office area for small-group learning sessions on-site

      Wireless internet accessibility

      Standards for Small Animal Core Rotations

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