General Eligibility Requirements

  1. Student must be a United States citizen or national, or an eligible noncitizen with appropriate documentation.
  2. Student must be enrolled as a regular student.
  3. Student must show demonstrated financial need determined through the approved needs analysis system each academic year.
  4. Student must not owe a refund of or be in default on Title IV funds, and sign a certification to that effect.
  5. Student must file a Statement of Educational Purpose each academic year.
  6. Student must be registered with the Selective Service if required, and either confirm that registration or file a Statement of Registration Status each academic year.
  7. Student must maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  8. Student may not exceed allowable loan limits under any program.
  9. Student must complete the verification process if required to do so.
  10. Student must provide a verified social security number.
  11. Student must not have had federal benefits suspended or terminated as a result of a drug conviction.
  12. Student must be credit worthy if applying for GRAD Plus or alternative loans. For a complete listing of eligibility requirements, refer to the U.S. Department of Education’s publication The Federal Student Aid Handbook.