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Graduate Studies

LMU-CVM Graduate Studies

Lincoln Memorial University-College of Veterinary Medicine offers Master of Veterinary Education (MVEd) and Master of Veterinary Bioscience (MVBMS) degrees. Additionally, students enrolled in the DVM program the opportunity to complete a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Veterinary Science, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biomedical Sciences or a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree while continuing their veterinary education.

Information about these programs can be found below.


Master of Veterinary Bioscience (MVBMS)

The MVBMS is a degree program designed for students seeking advanced study in the biomedical sciences with a non-thesis option. Graduates develop a strong foundation in comparative veterinary anatomy and are expected to independently explore the primary literature, analyze and critique published reports, and communicate in formal oral and written methodologies. Graduates of the program have many options and can pursue a: 1) professional program of study, such as admission to a College of Veterinary Medicine 2) doctoral-level education in health-related professions, or 3) pathway to biomedical research.

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New Program! Master of Veterinary Education (MVEd)

The first Master of Veterinary Education (MVEd) degree program in the United States, and the second of its kind in the world. The new program will provide veterinary professionals with the teaching skills and academic credentials to teach veterinary medicine in higher education. LMU-CVM will begin accepting applications January 2021 for a start date of August 2021.

The new MVEd program is offered completely online and allows students to earn their graduate degree in education at their own pace. The full-time program can be completed within two years.

Candidates will:

Demonstrate the dispositions of the education and veterinary professions. Articulate and demonstrate the knowledge base of moral, social and political dimensions, which will impact individual students, the veterinary profession, and communities for the enrichment of human society, animals, and the environment.
Demonstrate the teaching skills and learning strategies acquired through rigorous academic studies and active engagement in real life clinical experiences in an educational veterinary setting.
Promote lifelong learning through continued professional development, research, and scholarship.
Assist in meeting the educational needs of the veterinary profession and the One Health focus of animals, humans, and the environment.
Articulate an understanding that veterinary students come with a variety of background knowledge and skills, as well as demonstrate the dispositions to serve and teach diverse student populations.

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Master of Business Administration (DVM/MBA)

The DVM/MBA program is a cooperative venture between the Lincoln Memorial University-College of Veterinary Medicine and the School of Business at Lincoln Memorial University. This dual degree program gives highly motivated and academically qualified veterinary medical students the opportunity to pursue DVM and MBA degrees simultaneously. Both programs can be completed in four academic years, in less time than it would ordinarily take if the degrees were completed separately.

The program is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the business principles that are useful to veterinarians who participate in the business aspects of medical practice. The program blends medical and business training to provide a basis for the ability to capably manage and coordinate medical practices and other business endeavors in a highly competitive, heavily regulated and constantly changing environment.

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UKY/LMU-CVM Doctor of Philosophy (PHD)

The primary goal of the UK-VESC/LMU-CVM cooperative program is to train top veterinary graduates to become leading PhD research scientists in the field of veterinary science and animal health. Emphasis is placed on investigating the causes and mechanisms that affect the production and performance of horses, regardless of breed. The program will provide opportunities for LMU-CVM graduates to develop the skills necessary to become creative and critical-thinking scientists with the contemporary skills and knowledge to perform independent research and to effectively communicate their findings. The VESC/LMU Program will lead to the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Veterinary Science with specialization in pathology, virology, microbiology, parasitology, immunology, genetics, reproductive physiology, pharmacology,or musculoskeletal sciences. Each of these subspecialties has a general emphasis on the horse.

The VESC/LMU Doctor of Philosophy program is research intensive, and enables the student to become a self-educating and creative scholar. This degree implies that the individual has demonstrated the capacity to frame an interrelated series of questions and to design and execute an appropriate series of investigations. Research projects are expected to either answer all of the questions or illuminate the area of inquiry in such a way that the resulting dissertation and publications will constitute a definitive contribution to science.

Learn more about the University of Kentucky/LMU-CVM PhD

Coming Soon! Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Integrative Bioscience

The DVM/PhD in Integrative Biosciences program requires 90 graduate credit hours beyond the Bachelor's degree or 60 credit hours beyond a relevant Master of Science degree. Students will complete a combination of credits from the core curriculum, the elective curriculum, and the research curriculum. The program provides the ability for students to pursue a dual degree DVM-PhD option. Students pursuing the joint program option may count a maximum of 30 credit hours of basic science courses from the CVM curriculum.

This program is in the approval process.