impact image

Editing a Page

  1. Log into Cascade.
  2. Select the site you want to work in and click on the page you want to edit from the navigation panel.
  3. Locate and click the Edit option. You will find the Edit option toward the top of the main window.

    The edit screen divides the page into a few different sections. Dividing the page ensures that various sections in your template remain uniform. When you click on the Edit option, you come to the default subtab, Content where you will see the main editable fields.

The fields that you see on Standard page edit form are as described below.

Display Name: Typically a Display Name is a shortened version of the page title. If you use a Display Name, it appears in navigation elements such as the top navigation and side navigation. As you can see, the Display Name is optional. If you leave this field blank, Cascade will use the title field in its place.

Title: The Title is the primary the name for the page. The Title appears at the top of each page. The Title also appears in the title bar in your browser window. 

Display in Navigation: You have the choice to display the page in the navigation (top or side). By default, the option to Display in Navigation is selected Yes. If you would like to hide this page from the navigation, change the option to No. After this change, you need to republish:
  • The parent folder of the asset, or
  • Republish the whole site if the asset you are hiding appeared in the top navigation of your site.
Impact Image

At the top of your page, you have the option to add a full width impact image.

You can upload the image to Cascade before you insert it in the page or upload it while inserting. Please see “Upload a File (word, pdf, image file)” section of this document for instructions. A few things to know about the hero image:

• Impact image should be 1920x375px.
• Impact image has a fixed place on the page and it cannot be repositioned.
• You can also add an optional text subhead on the image that appears in big bold text.