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Faculty & Staff Services

The stakes have never been higher for our students with the increasing cost of tuition, high employer expectations and an ultra competitive job market. In the work you do with students, you may see many of them struggling with choosing a major, understanding how to overcome obstacles, or figuring out what is next for them post-graduation.

Employability now requires more than a degree alone. Our students now need to demonstrate a variety of skills to prove they will be dependable and valuable employees. The earlier students participate in the career planning process, the better their chances will be in finding academic, personal, and career success!


How can you invest in helping your students find success?

  • Offer a workshop or presentation in your class
  • Collaborate with Career Services on a program
  • Incorporate career-related information into one or more of your classes
  • Refer students to our office for one-on-one appointments
  • Invite Career Services to a faculty meet & greet or faculty/staff meeting
  • Send employer referrals and job postings to
  • Announce our career events to your students

What types of workshops or presentations does the Office of Career Services offer for my classroom?

  • Focus2 - Exploring Majors and Careers
  • MBTI
  • Writing effective Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Time Management/ Soft Skills
  • Interviewing Strategies
  • Career Planning

Any request for a workshop or presentation must be made at least two weeks in advance. All requests are based on availability. Send inquiries and requests to or call 423.869.7187.