Lincoln Memorial University

Risk Management

The Office of Risk Management strives to create and maintain a proactive environment conducive to the safety of all University Community Members, including students, employees, and visitors, while on university owned or operated property or while participating in university sponsored activities. Commitment to following LMU’s generally applicable safety related policies and guidelines at every level of administration is necessary for the realization of such an environment. Specific operational procedures will be established and implemented by each office or department as required for the prevention of personal injury and/or property damage. The Office of Risk Management welcomes suggestions, questions and feedback on how it may better serve you while promoting the University’s mission to provide quality educational experiences.

Please contact Andrea Ramsey Rosenbalm, Risk Manager with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Andrea Ramsey Rosenbalm

Risk Manager

Office of General Counsel

Smith Manor, 3rd Floor

[email protected]

Office Phone: 423.869.6533 

Cell Phone: 865.352.0613



On the Main Campus contact Campus Police and Security:
• Call ext. 6911 from any campus phone.
• Call (423)869-6911 from any other phone.

On all other campuses/sites:

Call 911



423.869.3611 | 800.325.0900
6965 Cumberland Gap Parkway
Harrogate, TN 37752