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Arts in the Gap

Summer music programs for all ages


Bachelor of Arts in Music - Gain all the skills needed for a future in the field of music performance. 

Music (Bachelor of Arts) with Vocal/General Music K-12 Teacher Certification -  Learn to share the gift of music with the next generation and earn a license to teach in public schools.  


Concert Band

Concert Choir

Jazz Ensemble

Splitter Sound Machine


Even non-music majors can earn scholarships to perform in Concert Choir or Concert Band. Just email the LMU music director to set up a short audition.

How to Become a Music Major 

  1. Apply to LMU
  2. Be accepted as a student 
  3. Email the LMU music director to set up a short audition
  4. Register for music courses! 

Music Minor

Explore your passion, broaden your understanding of music, and differentiate yourself from other job applicants by completing these Music Minor Courses.

Meet the Faculty

Jeffrey Cook

Young Kim

Jim McAllister


Interested in participating in the music program at LMU?



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