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LaRoy Brandt

Dr. LaRoy Brandt

Assistant Professor of Biology, Conservation Biology

Office: Cumberland Mountain Research Center

Phone: (423) 869-6608

[email protected]


Ph.D. Entomology, 2003, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

Dissertation:  Evolutionary Consequences of Female Mate Choice in the Lesser Wax Moth, Achroia grisella.

M.S. Biology, 1999, University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO

Thesis:  Ecological Characterization of the Prairie Mole Cricket, Gryllotalpa major, at Chapel View Prairie.

B.S. Biology (minor in geology), 1996, Missouri State University, Springfield, MO

A.A. (biology) with honors, 1994, State Fair Community College, Sedalia, MO



Although my educational background suggests a certain affinity toward insects, my research experience and interests are quite eclectic to say the least.  Overall, I would consider myself an organismal biologist and general ecologist with an emphasis in conservation.  I have particular interests in biodiversity, conservation ecology, and environmental health.  These interests include tropical forest ecology and conservation, water quality in temperate and tropical regions, impacts of habitat fragmentation on biodiversity, as well as the science of teaching and learning.  Currently, I am particularly interested in the utility of occupancy modeling to address ecological and conservation questions across a variety of applications.


Ongoing Projects:

Occupancy Modeling:

Effect of Habitat Fragmentation on Tropical Mammal Diversity

The Effect of Scale on Tardigrade Diversity

Using Trail Cameras in Temperate and Mammal Conservation Efforts

Appalachian Herpetofauna Diversity


Water Quality:

Comparison of Tropical and Temperate Water Quality Measures

Evaluating Biochemical and Macro-Invertebrate Measures of Water Quality

Water Quality of a Reclaimed, Mountain-top Removal Coal Mine


Tropical Ecology:

Insect Community Succession Across a Tropical Landscape

Prevalence of Cyanobacteria in Lake Nicaragua

Habitat Fragmentation and Tropical Bat Diversity


Research Collaborations:

Prevalence of Leptospirosis in the Herpetofauna of Southern Appalachia – Dr Ashutosh Verma, Lincoln Memorial University

Estuarian Tardigrade Diversity – Dr Stan Kunigelis, Lincoln Memorial University

Appalachian Ethnobotany: Applications to Veterinary Medicine, Dr Bonnie Price & Dr Marybeth Babos, Lincoln Memorial University

Long Term Impacts of Ecological Field Courses on Student Attitudes and Retention, Dr Amy Schrieir, Regis University, Denver, CO.


Mentored Student Research:

When it comes to student research, my philosophy is one that focuses on helping students develop projects within their own interests.  As a result, it has been my experience that students have greater ownership of the project and do better work if they are involved in the entire research process from inception to data collection and analysis to reporting research findings.  With an approach that focuses on “how can we do something” and not “if we can do something,” students also learn about creative problem solving in the process.

Ongoing & Recent Projects:

Fish and Corel Diversity Along the Meso-American Barrier Reef in Belize

Effect of Forest Fragmentation on Bat Guild Composition

Success of Farm Ponds as Frog Breeding Grounds

Evaluation of the Water Quality in Letcher County, KY

Using Trail Cameras to Assess Mammal Diversity at the LaSuerte Biological Field Station, Costa Rica

Tardigrade Diversity of the Cedars Natural Area Preserve, VA

Occupancy Modeling and Mammal Diversity in the Cedars Natural Area Preserve, VA

Occupancy Modeling and Mammal Diversity on the LMU Campus

Using Trail Cameras to Evaluate Quail Nest Predation

Using Trail Cameras to Evaluate Bobcat Visual and Olfactory Attractants

Using Occupancy Modeling to Evaluate Snake Diversity on a Reclaimed, Mountain-top Removal Coal Mine

Seasonal Variation in Macro-Invertebrate Diversity Upstream and Downstream of a Beaver Dam

Estuarian Tardigrade Diversity

Survey of Ethnobotanical Applications to Veterinary Medicine

Nutritional Quality of Elk Forage in Southeastern Kentucky


Select Publications

Brandt, L.S.E.  2012.  Broader Impacts of Undergraduate Research at a Community College:  Opening Doors to New Ideas.  Council for Undergraduate Research Quarterly 33(1):17-21.

Brandt, L. S. E., B. Ludwar, and M. D. Greenfield.  2005.  Co-occurrence of preference functions and acceptance thresholds in female choice: mate discrimination in the lesser was moth.  Ethology 111 (6), 609-625.

Brandt, L. S. E., and M. D. Greenfield.  2004.  Condition-dependent traits and the capture of genetic variance in male advertisement song, (Lepidoptera: Pyrallidae: Achroia grisella).  Journal of Evolutionary Biology 17 (4), 821-828.

Sandidge, J. S., and L. S. E. Brandt. 2003. Individual Identification and Nocturnal Observation of Small Arthropods Using Fluorescent Powders.  Journal of Kansas Entomological Society 76 (3), 417- 425.

Brandt, L. S. E.  2001.  Quadrat Sampling of Prairie Mole Cricket Burrows to Estimate the Population.  IN: Eli Meir, ed.  EcoBeaker 2.5.  BeakerWare, Ithaca, NY.

Brandt, L. S. E.  2001.  The Biology of Prairie Mole Crickets. IN: Eli Meir, ed.  EcoBeaker HS.  BeakerWare, Ithaca, NY.

Brandt, L. S. E.  2001.  The Successful Re-introduction of River Otters in Missouri?  IN: Eli Meir, ed.  EcoBeaker HS.  BeakerWare, Ithaca, NY.


Representative Presentations

Brandt, L.S.E., and A. Vanderpool. 2017. A Water Quality Case Study in Southern Appalachia.  Tennessee Academy of Sciences.

Brandt, L.S.E. 2015.  Greater Impacts of Summer Research in Central America.  Poster at the 2015 National Association of Biology Teachers Meeting.  Providence, RI.

Brandt, L.S.E. 2015.  Using Citizen Science Data to Investigate Marine Biodiversity.  Poster at the 2015 National Association of Biology Teachers Meeting.  Providence, RI.

Brandt, L.S.E., A. Wodika, and J. Clark.  Experiences with Civic Engagement at Truman State University.  2015 SENCER Summer Institute, Worcester, MA.

Brandt, L.S.E.  2015.  Greater Impacts of Summer Field Research in Marine Ecology.  Marine Ecology Education and Research Conference, Tropical Research and Education Center, San Pedro, Belize.

Brandt, L.S.E.  2014.  Use of Peer Reviewed Literature in a Freshman Biology Class.  2014 University Conference, Truman State University.

Brandt, L. S. E., and J. Hayes.  2012.  No Budget – NO PROBLEM!  Faculty and Administration Network Sessions at 2012 National Conference for Undergraduate Research, Weber State University, Ogden, Utah.

Brandt, L. S. E. 2009.  Using a Crime Scene Case Study to Teach Biotechnology.  Biotechnology Summer Workshop, Iowa Lakes Community College, Emmetsburg, IA.

Brandt, L. S. E.  2007.  NSF Advanced Technological Education Conference.  Joint presentation of biotechnology curriculum and materials for Community Colleges and High Schools. 

Brandt, L. S. E.  2007.  Active Learning Strategies for the Biotechnology Classroom.  Biotechnology Summer Workshop, Iowa Lakes Community College, Emmetsburg, IA.

Brandt, L. S. E.  2006.  Improving Middle School and High School Science Laboratory Experiences.  Presented examples of hands on learning exercises for both middle and high school science courses.  Teachers Teaching with Technology Leadership conference hosted by the Wind River Rural Systemic Initiative and Math Science Partnerships.

LaRoy Brandt


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