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LMU is committed to the principles and practices of education that recognize and celebrate diversity as an essential ingredient to its successes and to the fulfillment of the university’s vision which states that LMU strives to achieve regional distinction as a student-centered, educational, and service-oriented intellectual and cultural community defined by excellence, creativity, and diversity in its people, procedures, and programs.   At LMU diversity is defined as the result of differences between people in term of their ethnicity , race, nationality, language, age, economic or social class position, physical or mental abilities, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. 

Such diversity enriches the educational experience for students and contributes to a high quality intellectual and cultural educational environment for all members of the LMU community. Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) is committed to diversity and an inclusive campus.

The formation of the Diversity Plan began in 2011 and has been strategically developing since that time.  After the formal adoption of the plan in the Spring of 2012, there have been monthly reviews, implementations, and assessments.   Revisions, updates and additions have been and will continue to be made as necessary to continue embedding diversity into the culture at LMU.  The plan is meant to be inclusive of all members of the university community, focusing primarily on historically and underrepresented groups.   

The purpose and objectives of the LMU Diversity Plan are:

  • To establish and strengthen diversity as a core value at LMU;

  • To promote diversity in all aspects of university life

  • To create an environment in which its members are diverse, offering perspectives from which all can gain awareness, knowledge and skills; and

  • To encourage all members of the community to listen to, understand, and learn from each other. 

In order to continue to achieve diversity as a core value at LMU, important goals and implementation strategies must be identified.  The following goals are put forth as a basis for LMU’s plan:

Goal 1:  Develop and sustain a shared, inclusive understanding of diversity in the classroom and on campus.
Goal 2: Recruit, retain, and graduate a more diverse student body.
Goal 3: Recruit, retain, promote, and engage a more diverse university workforce in the School of Education.
Goal 4:  Continue curriculum evaluation and revision activities in all programs with ongoing enhancement of candidate preparation to teach
all students. 

While the plan’s purpose is to focus on diversity as it relates to the classroom, campus, students, workforce, and curriculum, it was built based upon the foundation of LMU’s Conceptual Framework which promotes:

  • Values – which includes an appreciation for a diverse community

  • Education – Appreciation and understanding of knowing oneself and the world around us; and an ability to exercise informed judgments

  • Service – development of professional skills that benefit the community by meeting the educational needs of a global society, especially the underserved.

LMU’s Diversity Plan, with its vision and goals, must be recognized as a fluid document that outlines our current challenges, solutions and accountability measures.  The plan is designed to serve as a roadmap for the continued creation and nourishment of a culturally diverse learning community at LMU.  These goals are the core of a strategic and ambitious plan to guide and motivate additional initiatives over time.  It encompasses goals and actions.  Activities will be monitored, measured, evaluated, and documented through established University policies, procedures, and requirements. During the review and monitoring process, new forms of decision making, communication, skills development and behaviors of students, faculty, staff and administrators will be the result of the implementation of this diversity plan.

The LMU Diversity Plan is a work in progress document that reflects LMU’s obligation and commitment and illustrates efforts to achieve its diversity mission.


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