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Clinical Experiences

Initial Teacher Licensure Programs, Graduate and Undergraduate

After completing required undergraduate and teaching content/method courses, candidates seeking apprentice (beginning teacher) licensure status through the Lincoln Memorial University Initial Teacher Licensure programs complete clinical experiences through student teaching. The candidate’s clinical practice replicates the experience of being a teacher, and cooperating teachers fulfill the mentoring role as they give formative and summative feedback to the candidates so they can minimize and/or correct weaknesses. Candidates hone knowledge, skills and dispositions in planning, developing, implementing and evaluating lessons at the K-12 clinical experience site(s).  LMU has adopted the practice of co-teaching during student teaching placements in order to allow cooperating teachers to have more control over their classrooms while mentoring the student teachers in effective practices to enhance all students’ learning.


Graduate Programs in Counseling, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Leadership, Executive Leadership, and Instructional Leadership

Clinical experiences are incorporated into the curriculum using cohorts to provide a way for practitioners to share tips and best practices, ask questions of their colleagues, and provide support for each other. It is through the process of sharing information and experiences with the group that the members learn from each other and have opportunities to develop themselves personally and professionally in their workplace.


Capstone Project

Candidates in all programs in the School of Education complete a work sample where they demonstrate their understanding of a particular need in their area, develop a plan to address this need, make accommodations as applicable, and present this in a formal capstone project. Candidates in the Initial Teacher Licensure Program will complete their capstone project as a part of the edTPA submission.


Lesson plan Templates

Formal Lesson Plan Template

Introductory Lesson Plan Template (EDUC 290 and EDUC 375)


Clinical Experience Handbook

Cooperating Teacher Handbook


Initial Teacher Licensure Forms

Placement Requests Form
TEAM Observation Form
Cooperating Teacher Profile Form
Field Supervisor Information Form
Cooperating Teacher Feedback Form
ITL Undergraduate End of Program Survey
MEd ITL End of Program Survey


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