Entering Class Profile (Classes of 2019 and 2020)

    Number Percentage  
# of Applications Received   186 N/A  
# of Completed Applications Received   177 95%  
# of Offers Extended   119 67%  
# of Acceptances   63 53%  
# of Transfer Applications Received   8 N/A  
# of Offers Extended to Transfer Students   7 88%  
# of Students Tranferring from Other Law Schools 5 71%  
    Number Percentage  
First Year Class Size   63 100%  
Full-Time Program   54 86%  
Part-Time Program   9 14%  
LSAT & UGPA Information 75th Percentile 152 3.38  
  MEDIAN 148 3.12  
  25th Percentile 146 2.72  
    High Low  
LSAT Range of Admitted Students   157 141  
Cumulative Undergraduate Grade Point Average (UGPA) Range of Admitted Students   3.97 1.97  
Demographics   Number Percentage  
Female   26 46%  
Male   37 54%  
Age Range   19-56    
Mean (Average) Age of Admitted Students   26    
Minority Enrollment   14 22%  
# of Colleges and Universities Represented   31    
# of States Represented   14    
# of Undergraduate Majors   21    
# of Students Educated Internationally   2    
States and Schools From Which This Year’s Entering Class Came Tennessee Belmont University  
    Carson-Newman University 
    East Tennessee State University
    Lincoln Memorial University
    Maryville College  
    Middle Tennessee State University
    Milligan College
    Tennessee Technological University
    Tennessee Wesleyan College
    Tusculum College
    University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
    University of Tennessee-Knoxville
    University of Tennessee-Martin
  Alabama University of Alabama
  Arizona University of Phoenix  
  Florida Florida State University  
  Georgia Berry College
    South University-Savannah
  Kentucky Berea College  
  Mississippi University of Mississippi
  Missouri University of Central Missouri 
    University of Missouri-St. Louis
  New Hampshire Southern New Hampshire University 
  New York St. John's University  
  North Carolina University of North Carolina-Charlotte
  South Carolina Clemson University
    University of South Carolina
  Texas Southern Methodist University
    Texas A&M University
  Virginia Strayer University
Majors of Those Students Entering This Year   Accounting  
    Agricultural Leadership & Development
    Communication/Communication Studies
    Criminal Justice/Criminology  
    Exercise Science: Sports & Fitness Management
    Human Resource Management 
    Information Technology/Software Engineering
    International Relations
    Legal Studies
    Management/Business Management
    Mechanical Engineering
    Political Science