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Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice (IPECP)

Mission Statement:

Promote and facilitate an environment of interprofessional collaboration amongst health profession students that emphasizes roles and responsibilities, values and ethics, teamwork, and interprofessional communication to optimize patient care.


The Department of Assessment and Interprofessional Education will serve as a central focal point for coordinating and integrating activities in:

  • Faculty Development
  • Educational Assessment and Data Analysis
  • Evaluation of Patient-centered Clinical Skills Education
  • Inter-professional Education
  • Entrustable Professional Activities

The Department will also support and collaborate on activities relating to the campus-wide One Health Initiative and Center for Animal and Human Health in Appalachia (CAHA).

Lincoln Memorial University Disciplines, Schools and Colleges

IPE Steering Council 

Interprofessional education (IPE) continues to become an increasingly important aspect of professional education. The number of activities being developed on the LMU campus continues to grow.  In an effort to keep momentum with the campus wide meeting that took place September 2017 and in light of multi-disciplinary activities that have and continue to be developed, the purpose of the IPE Steering Committee is to promote and facilitate an environment of interprofessional collaboration amongst health profession students that emphasizes roles and responsibilities, values and ethics, teamwork, and interprofessional communication to optimize patient care.

IPE Steering Committee Members

Mary Bolton LMU-DCOM Director of Examination and Assessment Services
Jeremy Buchanan LMU-DCOM Clinical Exam Center Coordinator
Marca Cenatiempo LMU-DCOM Director of Health Sciences Research and Grants
Andrew Courtner LMU-Carter & Moyers School of Education Assistant Professor of Education
Rex Hobbs LMU-DCOM Associate Director Physician Assistant Program
Sherry Jimenez LMU-DCOM Associate Dean of Assessment and Interprofessional Education
Jason Johnson LMU-CVM Vice President and Dean LMU-College of Veterinary Medicine
Kimberly Kertis LMU-DCOM Research Specialist, Health Sciences
Brian Kessler LMU-DCOM Vice President and Dean LMU-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine
Anthony Littrell LMU-DCOM Assistant Professor Preventative Medicine and Interim Chair of Public Health
Sylvia Lynch LMU-Carter & Moyers School of Education Dean LMU- Carter & Moyers School of Education
Matthew Lyon LMU-Duncan School of Law Acting Dean, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Associate Professor of Law
James Maxwell LMU-School of Business Dean and Professor of Management
Stephen Noe LMU-DCOM Assistant Professor of PA Studies
Kay Paris LMU-School of Social Sciences Professor of Social Work/Chair Department of Social Work
Dustin Pulliam LMU-CVM Small Animal Clinical DVM & Assistant Professor of Vet Medicine
Adam Rollins LMU-School of Mathematics and Sciences Dean LMU-School of Mathematics and Sciences
Jennifer Savage LMU-Caylor School of Nursing Assistant Professor of Nursing/Assistant Director of FNP Concentration
Marcelle Savoy LMU-DCOM Medical Librarian
Martin Sellers LMU-School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Dean LMU-School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciencies
Nicole Shields LMU-DCOM Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Elizabeth Thompson LMU-School of Allied Health Sciences Dean LMU-School of Allied Health Sciences
Gary Vroeindewey LMU-CVM Director One Health Program
Gary Wade LMU-Duncan School of Law Vice President & Dean and Professor of Law
Roy Yonts LMU-DCOM Associate Professor and Chair of Family Medicine 


Purposeful collaboration between the various educational disciplines at Lincoln Memorial University fosters educational experiences that focuses on the IPEC Competencies:

  • Values/Ethics
  • Roles/Responsibilities
  • Interprofessional Communication
  • Teams & Teamwork

Lincoln Memorial University - DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine incorporates these objectives in its current and future IPE activities:

  • Creating a virtual presence that will allow for asynchronous learning activities, promote interprofessional interactions and allow for one stop programming communication
  • Continued creation of IPE learning activities both curricular and extra-curricular
  • Creating a system for individual programs to account for IPE participation
  • Planning evaluation for all parts of the IPE experience for faculty/staff and students
  • Nurturing leadership qualities that showcase IPC

Interprofessional Education Summary  (Spring and Summer 2018)

  1. Naloxone Training – In April,  “Volunteer to Save a Life” a Naloxone training event sponsored and facilitated by the ETSU Bill Gatton School of Pharmacy brought together DO students, pharmacy students, social work administration and LMU staff . During the training, participants learned how to identify causes and risk factors for opioid overdose, discuss common myths about overdose reversal, learn why naloxone is now available for intranasal administration, and how to provide step-by-step administration of intranasal naloxone in the case of an opioid overdose.


  1. Interprofessional Education Team Based Learning in Foundations of Modern Healthcare) – An Interprofessional Collaboration Demonstration Video was filmed in April at LMU Medical Clinic, Tazewell. The video outlined core competencies of interprofessional education including roles and responsibilities, values and ethics, professional communication, and the interaction of a team.  Participants including a DO, PA, home health nurse, clinic nurse, and clinical PharmD. A scenario involving both opioid misuse and elder abuse was utilized to highlight the social aspects limiting affecting adequate healthcare. The team thanks the LMU Clinic administration and staff  for their support!.



  1. IPE Activity with PA/DO Program – An IPE Activity occurred in June with the PA and DO programs.  The activity involved groups including DO and PA students engaging collaboratively in clinical exam with simulated patients, and collaboration to arrive at diagnosis and treatment. . Student feedback was outstanding.  More collaborative activities between DOs and PAs are planned for the year.





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