Lincoln Memorial University

Conflict of Interest Policy

LMU-DCOM Conflict of Interest Policy for Faculty and Students

LMU-DCOM faculty are prohibited from accepting gifts of value from a commercial entity in accordance with PhRMA (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America) guidelines.

As representatives of LMU-DCOM, faculty shall not participate in industry-funded activities, including meals and travel, except those in conjunction with CME activities that comply with the American Osteopathic Association Council on Continuing Medical Education (AOA CCME) standards for commercial support.

Representatives of a commercial industry or presenters promoting commercial products are not permitted to interact with LMU-DCOM students except under the direct supervision of LMU-DCOM faculty in a structured learning environment.  Presenters must disclose any conflict of interest prior to making formal presentations.

For scientific papers in which LMU-DCOM faculty are named as authors, all entities contributing to said publications must be listed in the authorship byline. Likewise, it is unacceptable for LMU-DCOM faculty to have honorary authorship on a scientific paper written by a commercial entity.




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