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CAPT. David Kellenberger, DMS, PA-C
Hospital Medicine 
Class of 2018

"The impact has been on my understanding of more
Complex medical issues.”


Miquita Hosey, DMS, PA-C
Family Medicine
Class of 2018

“…you can definitely treat your patients at a higher knowledge base than before. I feel that I have really grown clinically.”



Michael Nowak, DMS, PA-C
Primary Care: PA Program Faculty
Class of 2018

“I’ve really enjoyed the radiology component because, not only is it taught by a radiologist, but it goes through a systematic approach…”


Brenda Johnson, PA-C
Class of 2019

“…benefits those of us who have a desire to broaden our medical knowledge.”


Tom Earnhardt, PA-C
Family Medicine
Class of 2019

“…taught by the faculty of LMU’s DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine and promises to enhance the knowledge of PA’s committed to the process of lifelong learning.”


Tigist Opheim, PA-C
Urgent Care
Class of 2019 

“The program is unique and requires hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm. It is not easy, but it is worth all the hard work you put in to give optimal care to your patients.”

Sonia Rupani, PA-C
Urgent Care
Class of 2019

"The Zoom sessions are very informative, and the information disseminated in Zoom is precious and applicable to the daily clinical practice."

 Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins, PA-C

Emergency Medicine

Class of 2019

"One of the main reasons that I wanted to pursue this degree and this particular course plan was so I could become a better clinician and to be able to provide better care to my patient population." "I have realized [after one module], it will in fact make me a better clinician."


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