Lincoln Memorial University

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Lincoln Memorial University Doctor of Medical Science program is to equip experienced clinicians and medical educators with evidence-based, advanced medical knowledge and skills, to improve clinical competency, to develop leaders in the medical profession, and to promote scholarship, mentorship and discipline-specific expertise.

The DMS program seeks to achieve this mission by focusing on these goals: 

  1. Attract high-quality medical and education specialists who are experts in their field.
  2. Promote and model the highest standard of professionalism, mentorship and moral values.
  3. Employ the most effective technologies for teaching.
  4. Advance each student’s medical knowledge and critical thinking skills.
  5. Leverage each student’s current clinical practice and collaborate with the supervising physician to ensure student competency achievement.
  6. Be a leader in evolving medical education effectiveness and strategies.
  7. Ensure program quality meets traditional medical education standards until programmatic accreditation exists.



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