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Zoo, Exotics, Wildlife, and Aquatics Club (ZEWAC)

The Zoo, Exotics, Wildlife, and Aquatics Club (ZEWAC) promotes interest and learning opportunities for veterinary students in the fields of zoological, exotics, wildlife, and aquatic animal medicine by interacting with faculty and professionals and by exposing students to the different aspects of these diverse fields through hands on learning events, internships, and field trips.

2016-2017 Officers

President – Kelsea Studer, Class of 2018

Vice President – Ryan Goss, Class of 2018

Secretary – Amanda Zaidel, Class of 2018

Treasurer – Liane Lachiewicz, Class of 2018

Representative – Lindsay Kudlack, Class of 2018

Representative – Mara Denny, Class of 2019

Upcoming Events

February 17th: Pocket Pets Handling Wet Lab

Students from ZEWAC and Companion Animal Club will be bringing various personal pets and teaching appropriate preventative medicine & handling of these species. This event will be sponsored by Oxbow Animal Health. We will be meeting from 6-8pm at the DVTC student center.

March 3rd: “It’s a Gut Thing” Lunch & Learn

ZEWAC & Oxbow will be hosting Dr. Kohles, President of the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians, whom will be discussing the anatomy, physiology and nutrition of several small exotic mammals. This discussion will be followed with a discussion for second years on exotic animal clinical rotations with Dr. Weale. This event will take place in the dining area of MANs 3rd floor at noon.

March 16th: Comparative Anatomy Wet Lab

ZEWAC & the Anatomy Club will partner to study several different species and demonstrate the similarities & variations among different body systems. The exact time n   and location is TBD.

April 20th: Skype Session with Ann Van Dyk Cheetah Centre

ZEWAC  will be skyping in the president of this South African center to discuss the health & handling of exotic cats and other species. Exact time & location is TBD.