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The Farm and Production Animal Club (SCAABP)

The LMU Student Chapter of the American Association of Beef Practitioners aims at providing health, welfare, and productivity in the food and production animal industry to benefit the community. We want to provide networking opportunities and additional experience for CVM students interested in food and production animal medicine. We want to increase awareness and promote leadership in critical issues in food and production animal medicine, as well as improving opportunities for future careers.

2016-2017 Officers

President – Casey Goebel, Class of 2018

Vice President – Casey Skowron, Class of 2018

Secretary – Taylor Calebs, Class of 2018

Treasurer – Travis Wilfong, Class of 2018

Wet Lab Coordinator – Travis Gilmer, Class of 2018

Representative – Kerri Haider, Class of 2018

Representative – Dana Word, Class of 2019

The SCAABP is also responsible for feeing the LMU-CVM’s herd of jersey animals on the weekends, helps with the vaccinations and management of the herd, and are also involved in the artificial insemination programs that are in place for the herds.

This past summer (2015), the SCAABP took a trip to New York to tour local dairies of the area. These dairies included completely robotic milking dairies, traditional small family dairies, large farms, a sheep dairy and a goat dairy where they produced cheese on site. The SCAABP is currently working on planning another trip for this coming summer (2016). Details are to follow, so make sure you check back!

Past labs we have had:

  • BQA certification lab
  • Sheep vaccination lab
  • Pregnancy checking through rectal palpations labs
  • Demonstration on flushing the uterus for eggs
  • Volunteering at the Farm and Family day

Future labs that are planned:

  • Continuations of past labs
  • Bul Breeding soundness exams (London, KY)
  • Annual Spring BBQ and Cow Pie Bingo Fundraisers