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Research Faculty

Anderson, Stacy (Equine, Inflammation, Surgery, Colic)

 Christmann, Undine (Lung Surfactant and Respiratory Disease, Teaching Methods)

Concha-Albornoz, Ismael (Scientific Illustrations, Anatomical Techniques, Plastination)

Dascanio,John (Theriogenology, Simulation)

Ebner, Lisa (Acupuncture, Analgesia, Anethesia, Pharmocokinetics)

Faulkner, Charles (Parasitology)

Faulkner, Vina (Parasitology)

Henry, Robert (Plastination)

Johnson, Jason (Economics of Health and Disease in Appalachia, One Health)

Kitts-Morgan, Beth (Nutrition)

Muir, William (Physiology)

Pfent, Catherine (Cancer Research)

Phillips, Jeffrey (Cancer Research)

Roberson, Jerry (Mastitis Research)

Spangler, Dawn (Shelter Medicine)

Verma, Ashutosh (Infectious Disease)

Vroegindewey, Gary (One Health)

Williamson, Julie (Simulation)

Wood, Paul (Lipidomics)