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2016 Research Day Posters

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2016 Shelter Study
A Comparison of Low- and High Fidelity 3-Layer Abdominal Incision Closure Models in Training the Novice Veterinary Surgeon
Analysis of a Veterinary Clinic in Lee County, VA
Continuous Animal Health Monitoring LMU Field Trial
Development and Construction of Theriogenology Training Models
Development and Validation of a Surgical Simulator for Canine Neuter
Effect of Transport Stress on Immune Function
Effectiveness of 3 Different Instructional Methods to Achieve Personal Protective Equipment Protocol Adherence in Veterinary Students
Evaluating Stride Length as a Possible Indicator of Musculoskeletal Health
Evaluation of Anti-Rhodococcus equi Pili Antibodies Passively Acquired Via Colostrum After Immunization of Pregnant Mares with Candidate Vaccine
Evaluation of a Leptospiral Protein in the Serodiagnosis of Equine Leptospirosis
Farmers Attitudes Towards Veterinarians; A Preliminary Study
Field Collection of Tick Species and Preliminary Assessment for Agents of Tick-Bourne Infectious Diseases in Animals and People in the Cumberland Gap Region
Genetic Markers Conferring Macrocyclic Lactone Resistance in Dirofilaria immitis in Resident Canine Populations of the Cumberland Gap Region
Genomic DNA Extraction from 24 Year Old Formalin Fixed Tissue from Fish Host Etheostoma rufilineatum with Parasites For Molecular Assay of Potential New Species of Myxobolus
How Does Treatment Affect the Lipidomic Profile of Surfactant in Horses with Asthma?
Informatics Analysis of a Rural Veterinary Practice in Virginia
Leptospirosis in the Tri-state Area of Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky
Levels of Cyclic Phosphatidic Acid are Increased in Surfactant From Asthmatic Horses Exposed to Hay
Linkage Disequilibrium Study for Hereditary Cataract in the Boston Terrier
Lipidomics of Equine Amniotic Fluid: Identification of Amphiphilic (O-acyl)-ω-hydroxy-atty acids (OAHFA).
Prevalence of Failure of Passive Transfer Among Sale Barn Calves in Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio, Maryland and Pennsylvania
Prevalence of Zoonotic Gastrointestinal Parasites of Shelter Dogs and Cats in the Cumberland Gap Region of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia
Survey of Enteric Disease Pathogens Within a Swine Production Company

Suspected Clostridium botulinum Infection in Foal
Veterinary Informatics Collection for Rural Appalachian Region